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I've just heard this song on the radio. It is very old fashioned but in fact the lyrics are very good. The song is very descriptive and it almost tells a whole story. And I suppose I learnt a lot of beautiful words from this song when I was a kid.

盧國沾 wrote the lyrics. PS - note the rhyme.




兩心傾仰 心曲可和唱




醉意盡百觴 軟香滿懷


夜月初上 儷影雙雙






愛護社稷 愛嬌意仲長


同醉情場 同醉情場

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Does anybody know 李泉? A really tallented singer , who has wrote many famous songs for other singers. Here's a recent song of him, 《弹弹琴 》, which can either mean 谈谈情 or 弹弹琴. Pay attention to the lyrics, so many idioms of number in it. BTW, his live show is much better than record.


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This may sound weird (or alternately for all I know this could be a very popular song), but I heard a clip from a catchy song during a news report on school bus accidents this evening. I succeeded in finding the song and listened to it a number of times admiringly. The song, 校车在哪里,seems quite odd to me in juxtaposing typically contradictory characteristics, e.g., tragic yet upbeat, playful yet socially concerned, etc. I was impressed; if interested, check it out:




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The song I was looking for above is 每天愛你多一些 by 張學友. I also love 如果這是情 by Leon Lai. Both so classic.

I just heard this song today. I think it is the most beautiful Chinese song I have ever heard. The lyrics are so wistful:


人生如夢 夢裡過眼繁華似錦繡

朝看彩雲暮送晚霞過 又沈醉月色中

人生如夢 夢裡也曾帶著多少愁

朝入塵世暮宿雪花中 看月夜正朦朧

多年以後 或許夢裡風水輪流走

富貴榮華一身重 卻是孤獨依舊

多年以後 或許夢裡也有桃花落

卻不慎將紅鸞動 讓春風來捉弄

人生的夢 總是一分歡喜一分愁

尋覓夢裡幻影已無蹤 只留下霧迷濛

幻影無蹤 只留下霧迷濛

Does anyone know when this song was written and if it is well-known? It certainly deserves to be!

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So, while clicking around on youtube I came across this song which for me is one of those songs I hear everywhere (well, not everywhere, maybe just grocery stores & restaurants). I thought it must be popular, but it's not on this thread yet---so here you go. It's an easy listening tune, which may or may not transport you back into the grocery aisle next to the durian, or to the seafood section poking at the crabs with tongs, etc...Anyway, one more classic for the KTV readiness book.

张雨生 - 大海

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I heard an interview on Albert Au (區瑞強) on the radio today. And the song 水霞 came up in my head, 縈繞不散. Forgive me for reposting, as I have posted it at #116 on page six of this thread and also on the thread Imagine you are a drop of water (where you can find the lyrics). But the lyrics are so beautiful I just can't help it.


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The song "Easy" performed by Rubberband has just reached the top of the local charts. I think it is a very well-made song. I particularly like the line "住進極貴飯店不包上網", very true, very amusing.




雪櫃裏面啤酒已飲光 落到大街夜粥舖收了檔

空運的絕版碟寄失麼 心水電影落畫先知錯過


呼吸都繃緊 越覺深深不忿

這個城市每人 對偏差敏感

抱怨微細缺陷 一臉灰暗

那侍應弄濕新買西裝 住進極貴飯店不包上網

趕下班上司轟炸囉唆 一街在咳病菌急速散播


呼吸都繃緊 越覺深深不忿

這個城市每人 已不懂降溫

抱怨微細缺陷 一臉灰暗

Come on take it easy 放開等閒事

Come on take it easy 請你 一試

發現有十塊安放口袋 進了電梯下一位超了載

坐地鐵列車駛進剛好 行錯路竟共她街中碰到


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I've got two songs from the movie 春嬌與志明 (Love in the Buff).

The first song is 王馨平's classic 別問我是誰

Original by 王馨平


MV remake from 春嬌與志明 with 余文樂 (Shawn Yue) as 王馨平.


The second song is the title track (Drenched by Wanting) from 春嬌與志明

Original English version:


Chinese Version:

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