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Studying calligraphy and classical Chinese


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I wanted to hear from anyone who has studied these two subjects in China, and not as part of a university course. I finished studying modern Chinese a few months ago, and am interested in finding tutors for calligraphy and classical Chinese. When I asked about it in Hangzhou, I was told there weren't any schools for either (outside of university courses). When I asked about approaching a university professor, I was told they would be too busy. I've already experienced being taught by trainee students (three out of four classes at Zheda were taught by students and not professional teachers), and want someone competent. For those of you who have done this, where did you find tutors, how much did you pay them? Any other relevant information would also be appreciated.

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When I asked about approaching a university professor, I was told they would be too busy.
I would find the university professor first and ask them. People tend to make all sorts of assumptions that might not necessarily be true.

As for calligraphy, a quick google for 书法家 杭州 also turns up:


地址: 浙江省杭州市朝晖山区杭州市群艺馆

邮编: 310014

联系人: 刘兵

传真: 0571—5171681

简介: 该会由杭州市文联领导,成立于80年代初。现有会员700余人,设有女书法家协会及教育委员会。出版有《杭州篆刻》一书,每年举办数次书法展览及笔会等交流活动,为该市的书法艺术发展做出了贡献。现任主席周文清,副主席黄冬龄、俞建华等,常务副秘书长刘兵。

Which might be a good place to start inquiries.

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Thanks imron, but I'm most likely leaving Hangzhou soon. I'm probably going to accept a job in an international school outside of Tianjin, live and work there for several months, and then after I have saved up some money move to Beijing. I wasn't specifically asking about studying calligraphy and classical in Hangzhou, but didn't make that clear. My bad.

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That's ok, the same principle applies. Find the local 书法家协会 wherever you decide to live and start asking around. In any event, you could still get in contact with the Hangzhou association, as they will likely know people in Tianjin or Beijing that they might be able to put you in touch with.

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