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Use of "gui hua" sauce?


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As i did tried in chinese restaurants and families:

1.chinese yam with osmanthus sauce

2.Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Sweet Sticky Rice (i saw frm menu). btw,my grandma frm shanghai can cook it,yummy yummy. (see the attachment)

3.I also have tried walnut with osmanthus sauce.

Additionally i'm sure it's good to add it into green tea. It's always flexible source usage in chinese cooking.


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As far as I know 桂花酱 (guihuajiang)is mostly used for cakes (like mooncakes 月饼, and with hongdou 红豆)and other sweets (jams) or as a spice to add sweetness & fragrance to various dimsums, and like you said you found it in tea.

It can be used with salty foods like tofu, as it is not too sweet, but actually has a slightly salty-sweet flavour (a mixture of extreme flavours like salt & sugar, as is the case with the majority of Chinese sauces)

I don't know any recipes though, sorry...:oops:

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Xie xie. I have to pay attention to the menu the next time I am in a Chinese restaurant.

I like the jam, and I'll try adding the sauce into my green tea with with osmanthus, next time :-)

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it's delicious in congee--just add a spoonful to a batch of plain congee, or with dried longan fruits or black rice congee.

My mom used to make this sweet poached egg soup thing using gui hua sauce. It sounds a little odd, but so are a lot of things in China :mrgreen: You boil two eggs in water (or milk), add sugar, and stir in 2 dabs of gui hua sauce at the end for flavor.

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I guess you can make "gui hua" cakes with it. The dessert is simply wonderful, feels like eating flowers.

I don't cook so don't know anything about how to make it. But you can find a recipe and pictures here -> http://esjoie.wordpress.com/2008/03/15/osmanthus-agar-agar/

and some more -> http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/leisure-girl/article?mid=1117

2334060729_ab2eace3cd_o.jpg ap_20070615090712344.jpg?ib_____Dpx7o1Nd4

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All these things people say they use "gui hua" sauce for, I have never heard of any (maybe it's because I am from northern China and I am not familiar with Southern Chinese cooking).

And I grew up in China.

My mom uses "gui hua" sauce in red bean porridge.

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