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Cantonese lyrics of "胭脂扣" (yin ji kau) romanized ?


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Could somebody give me the romanized version for the Cantonese lyrics of the song "胭脂扣" ? (it is performed by Leslie Cheung).

Here are the lyrics:

誓言幻作煙雲字 費盡千般心思 情像火灼般熱

怎燒一生一世 延續不容易 負情是你的名字

錯付千般相思 情像水向東逝去 癡心枉注

願那天未曾遇 只怕相依 那管見盡憾世事

漸老方華愛火滅人面變異 祈求在那天重遇

訴盡千般相思 祈求不再辜負我

癡心的關注 人被愛留住(問那天會重遇)

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But the song was performed by Anita Mui, right (though both she and Leslie Cheung were in the film)?

Using the CantoDict Parser you can get this romanisation in Jyutping (errors in the lyrics are corrected and highlighted in colour) -

誓言幻作煙雲字  sai6 jin4 waan6 zok3 jin1 wan4 zi6

費盡千般心思  fai3 zeon6 cin1 bun1 sam1 si1

情像火灼般熱  cing4 zoeng6 fo2 zoek3 bun1 jit6

怎燒一生一世  zam2 siu1 jat1 sang1 jat1 sai3

延續不容易  jin4 zuk6 bat1 jung4 ji6

負情是你的名字  fu6 cing4 si6 nei5 dik1 ming4 zi6

錯付千般相思  co3 fu6 cin1 bun1 soeng1 si1

情像水向東逝去  cing4 zoeng6 seoi2 hoeng3 dung1 sai6 heoi3

癡心枉注  ci1 sam1 wong2 king1 zyu3

願那天未曾遇  jyun6 naa5 tin1 mei6 cang4 jyu6

相依  zi1 paan3 soeng1 ji1

那管見盡憾世事  naa5 gun2 gin3 zeon6 wai4 ham6 sai3 si6

漸老方華  zim6 lou5 fong1 waa4

愛火滅  oi3 fo2 mei6 mit6

人面變異  jan4 min6 bin3 ji6

祈求在那天重遇  kei4 kau4 zoi6 naa5 tin1 cung4 jyu6

訴盡千般相思  sou3 zeon6 cin1 bun1 soeng1 si1

期望不再辜負我  kei4 mong6 bat1 zoi3 gu1 fu6 ngo5

癡心的關注  ci1 sam1 dik1 gwaan1 zyu3

人被愛留住(問那天會重遇)  jan4 bei6 oi3lau4 zyu6 (man6 naa5 tin1 wui5 cung5 jyu6)

Listen to Anita Mui sing this song -> http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=UIw9CNegz1A

Leslie Cheung's version from 2:07 min (you can't see Mui's face in this video probably because of copyright issue :)) -> http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=YuuqzmIPOV8

Edited by skylee
Amend the jyutping for 重 to cung4
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