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Chinese funeral customs - question about money gift

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Hello, I have a question about chinese funeral custom...

When someone gives "bak gum (bai jin)" money gift to the family of the deceased... are the family supposed to give anything back? What is the appropriate response?

thanks in advance for any replies .

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The custom may differ from place to place, but in Hong Kong, it is usual to give a packet of paper handkerchiefs together with a sweet. Sometimes, there may also be a nominal amount of coinage, e.g. a HK$5 coin or a HK$10 note. These are usually put into special white envelopes. The funeral home usually organises this.

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in Shanghai, it's proper to give a gift with a thank you to show gratitude, and also write the names of the givers on the white paper sashes to be hung up during the funeral.

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