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How much does the average Chengdu apartment cost? Considering these thing small, for one person, furnished with a bed and a fridge. I'm looking to live with the simplest of needs.

What's included in the rent of an apartment? Is water, electricity, internet, gas included?

Last thing.... What is the best way to get an apartment in this city. Any suggestions gladly appreciated.

Thanks for your time

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Hi I'm not living in chengdu,so i don't know exactly how much the rent is,but i

think it depends on where the apartment is.ususally water, electricity, internet, gas is not included.

if you can read chinese ,check out this website http://chengdu.koubei.com/fang. (口碑)i'm sure you'll find what you want.or you can find a aparment agent,you pay them half of the rent(a month).those are the ways how chinese people find a apartment,i hope it can help you too.

hope you can find your apartment soon.

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Hi there, we used to live in Chengdu for 3years and have an apartment as well, with 3bedrooms, and with rent charge of RMB4000 inclusive till end of this year for almost 2.5years. But the rent really depends on the location and if it's new or old etc. It could be a few hundreds or over a thousand for 1bed room one. In terms of ur question, it's negotiable if u want it to be inclusive. There are loads of agents to do property rental or trading, and some of them have msn , which is more convinent for people overseas to contact. Good thing for u at moment is the price is going down because of the global crisis...gd luck!


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HI,I am live in chengdu,btw,I am chinese.

1.Which area do you want to rent the apartment? To the south and the west side of the house more expensive, to the east and north of the cheaper。

2.Apartment cost RMB450-600, it is simple.

If you want to share with other people, you only live in one room of apartment , sharing kitchen and bathroom, rent costs about RMB250-350 。

3.Water, internet,gas cost another count, per person per month to spend about RMB50-150。

If you need more help, my e-mail:[email protected]


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i have friends renting three-room apartment and it costs about 1500RMB per month.

The house locates around the 一平天下...sorry,don`t know how to spell that in English.

So if you could find someone to share the rent, it should not exceed 500yuan, but i heard the rent within the 2 huan is much higher.

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you can find a simple, furnished, and clean place for 1,000-1,500 depending on what part of the city you're in. a 1,500 rmb apt in an expensive area might be 1,200 if you walk 5 minutes down the road. apts in newer buildings tend to be more expensive too

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