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Hi, was wondering if anybody has any experience/feedback about studying at ACLS (Academy of Chinese Language Studies)? http://www.aclc-cn.com/ I'm thinking of going to Shanghai early next year, and am leaning towards ACLS for a few reasons.

- You can choose either 20 or 30 hrs/wk at ACLS regardless of proficiency. Some friends going to Fudan atm only have 2 hrs/day because they are in Elementary B - seems like JiaoTong is similar. Apparently the number of hrs you get each day depends on your level. (I completed 6 yrs elementary chinese school, but forgotten much of it since then.)

- Most of the other language institutions either sell classes in blocks of hours. Price-wise ACLS (RMB25,130 for 1 semester intensive) is a lot cheaper than buying blocks of 50 or 100 hrs.

- Small classes: 5-8 ppl

- Apparently big companies like Microsoft, Siemens, Google, Mckenzie, Hilton, PwC etc use ACLS to train up their expats, which might be good if/when I apply for jobs in Shanghai later.

- Also, ACLS seems to have filched most of their staff from BLCU! http://www.aclc-cn.com/about_us_academic.asp

Another thing that really impressed me was how accomplished the English on their website was, compared to some downright dodgy 'Engrish" on most of the other non-uni language institutions.

Also, is US$5440 for 1 room in a shared apartment for 1 semester (4.5-5 months) a reasonable price?

Please let me know if you have any comments on ACLS, whether directly, through agencies like Worldlink, or feedback from friends, or maybe some other recommendation for studying Mandarin in Shanghai. Cheers!

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I did get that impression, seeing as a lot of the older posts say one should be able to find a "decent" place at RMB2000-3000/month in Shanghai.

Any advice on how I should go about looking for a place to rent for 6 months in Shanghai, seeing as I'm not in China? The ACLS Shanghai campus is east, in HongQiao, Gubei.

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hi xiao hu,

i was planning to study mandarin as well at acls during the summer of 2009. The main advantage for me is that i can start every monday of the year.

Due to my work schedule, i am planning to do a 'only' 12 weeks course on intermediate level.

I am glad to hear from other students of acls about their experiences with this school.

I also think that the accomodation they offer is quit expensive. If it is possible to rent an appartment for around 2000 rmb a month, then for you, it would cost around 10.000 rmb. this is equivalent to 1460 us dollars, which is less than the 5440 us dollars they offer.

but i am also looking for websites which offer appartments, so if anyone has a good idea where to look or wants to rent with me for 3 monts during the summer of 2009 ;), please post it here.

best regards,


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