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10000 Chinese Sentences

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I just had a look at jukuu, because nciku is down for maintenance, specifically I wanted to find some examples to flesh out my understanding of 形成 ... but the sentences in jukuu -- at least for this entry -- are super technical, very dry, a bit overwhelming in fact. I'd recommend http://www.nciku.com/ (though admittedly, since it's down for maintenance, I can't check if it's examples for 形成 are any better!)

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Yeah I know what you mean. You just need to be careful, and double check everything you read with native speakers. If you read something bizarre, you can give it a 差评. But overall I have yet to find anything comparable - certainly nciku is quite good but it rarely takes anything from real-life contexts (unlike jukuu which at least tries to do that with some custom entry examples from websites, etc). Also, nciku is horribly slow at times, so I just tend to use dict.cn wherever possible because, although it is teeming with errors and inconsistencies, at least it is fast and has a huge amount of entries. I guess, at the end of the day, no dictionary is perfect, and you must only treat them as starting points in your research.

EDIT: To answer your query about 形成, if you scroll down and check out the later entries (pages 3 or so onwards) you'll find the non-technical ones.

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Hi, no one has also mentionned the Tatoeba project (spoiler : I'm part of the dev team)


the heart of the project is to collect example sentences, and to have them translated in as many languages as possbible

there's currently 7000+ sentences in Chinese, and for those interested, 60 sentences in Shanghainese (with audio)

All of this is released under the CC-BY licence (you can do whatever you want with the sentences, as long as you quote the source) which mean also it's totaly free, in the tool section we also have some chinese specific tool.

let me know if you encouter problems/ have suggestions or so

(sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker)

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Hi,thanks to notice us this :) this week's update (we update the website with bug fix and so every weeks) solves this issue

now you can download them here


by the way since my last post, we now support Cantonese (and 6 other new languages :) )

you can stay tune by fowolling us on twitter


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I downloaded the 20000 sentences too, through via a different page:


Just starting reviewing them. Highly recommended. These are excellent -- way better than most of the stuff out there. Careful with the pinyin, there are mistakes. And don't be afraid to edit the entries so they work better for you.

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