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I prefer studying from TV shows rather than movies, but the availability of softsubs is slim to none. But...almost all of it is hardsubbed! If only this program could clip the bottom ~20% of the picture and use that as the answer, it would have more potential for me. Of course, I would need to use a subtitle editor to create the audio timings, but it's a lot better than transcribing all those hardsubbed characters by hand.


Having just tried to create a subtitle file from scratch, the process is more painstaking than I had assumed.

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If you make snapshots of dimension 300*160 or so, it should already be pretty tough to decipher subtitles. I believe in wenhailin's attemp there are hardcoded subs in the pics - but they can't be read or even guessed.

EDIT: I am watching a movie now and downsized it to 320*160 - unfortunatly the subs are very readable :(

EDIT2: I just looked around a little and found these instructions on how to hide hard-coded subtitles.

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While having English translations for harder sentences might be a good thing to have - I still don't them (and delete/mark those sentences/ask someone who knows enough Chinese later). Only putting in definitions for unknown words etc. works fine. But I agree, it would be nice to have something like shooter.cn only for english subs.

If only a person with really good Chinese skills was willing to translate the lines from a given subtitle file, we would instantly have a English sub (already having the timing of the chinese subs).

Anyhow I second anon6969's request - anybody who knows where to get English subs for Chinese movies?

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For movies, you'll have to look at the regular places where subs can generally be found.

For TV-series, look at the d-addicts forum. They have fansubs for a number of shows, though Chinese Mainland shows are quite underrepresented compared to Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese shows.

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I guess this doesn't work for .rmvb files?

A lot of Chinese movie download sites seem to have the movies in .rmvb format. Does anybody know why the Chinese seem to prefer using this instead of .avi files?

Also I seem to get the impression that ripping Chinese subtitles from DVDs is virtually impossible? - can somebody confirm or correct me on this please :)

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rmvb offers really good compression rates, and the fact that you have to pay for the encoder (I believe) doesn't deter anyone in China.

I think many Chinese DVDs come with hardsubs (bleded onto the original movie), which makes them hard to rip. Also, Chinese-language OCR is trickier than with Latin characters.

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I do not have any recommendations except for Chinese movies, maybe looking first on shooter and then finding stuff is an option.

I actually don't use the programm since finding the iKnow resources, I pretty much exclusivly use iKnow to build up vocab. I want to get back to subs2srs to change things up at some point but I am happily married to iKnow right now.

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I'm finding it hard to find stuff as well. soft Chinese language subs for Chinese language films are very hard to find. It isn't too hard to find subs for foreign films dubbed into Chinese but they don't match


I am also using the iKnow data in Anki, it saves me a lot of effort and allows me to configure it just right.

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I find awesome the idea of this subs2srs program and plan to have a look at it. I just tried to download the Secret of the Magic Gourd anki deck, but it appears to have been deleted.

Could anyone re-upload it?

Does anyone have additional movie based anki decks?

Thanks in advance

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Sorry, I do not have the Magic Gourd file.

I've had some fun with subs2srs. The raw output file it gives you needs a great deal of massaging for actual use in studying, but it is a very powerful application of a pretty simple concept (chopping up movies into flashcards).

I made decks for the Chinese versions of Ponyo and Totoro (the Ghibli animated films). If interested, I can upload them when I get home later.

Edit: Here are two decks I made for the movies Ponyo and My Neghbor Totoro, as downloaded from here. They are fantastic, very light-hearted movies.

I've cut these decks down considerably, deleting any cards that I didn't like, seemed useless, or weren't fun. The front of the cards is Chinese audio, the back is a picture, hanzi, pinyin, and English. The pinyin is auto-generated from the anki plugin Pinyin Toolkit, so there are some errors. The English (pulled from the subtitles) is pretty weak.

Totoro (140 cards, 10MB) - (backup dropbox link)

Ponyo (200 cards, 15MB) - (backup dropbox link)

(I uploaded to megaupload, but can use a better service if there are any suggestions.)

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