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Random Chinese Character Stroke Animation

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Some of you (hopefully) follow nciku's "5 characters a day" blog posts and the nciku blog in general. Those posts can be pretty useful for studying Chinese characters.

nciku just came out with a little tool that lets you load a random character with a stroke animation and a short definition. I thought it was pretty cool.

You can check it out here:

nciku's Random Character Generator

For offline practice writing characters I'd recommend a medium sized notebook (I used to write each character I studied at least 36 times). For online practice writing characters, www.skritter.com is pretty nifty.

[disclaimer: I work at nciku. (I wasn't involved in making the generator, though.)]

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fixing a link.

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Hi, I love Nciku but when are you guys going to start supporting traditional characters?

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Hi 臭豆腐!

I second yersi's praise of your site. However I would rather have an option that does

(hanzi-->stroke order) instead of

(random hanzi generator) or

(hanzi-->all kind of information-->stroke order)

PS Unfortunatly you messed the link to the Random Character Generator up. (you are linking to http://www.]http.com//blog.nciku.com/blog/en/?page_id=724)

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I fixed the link.

Thanks for the comments.

@HerrPetersen: If you search for a single character on nciku, there is a stroke animation at the very bottom of the page. I'll pass on a suggestion to make it easier to get to the stroke information, though.

@Yersi: We are working on making traditional characters available on nciku.com. We should finish in the next month or two (it takes time to convert 3 million entries including their examples). If you absolutely must have traditional characters, there is www.nciku.tw--unfortunately the two sites aren't exactly the same, but nciku.tw is 100% pure traditional characters.

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