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My chrysanthemum tea turned blue overnight!


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I've left chrysanthemum tea overnight once and it just got a bit darker in colour, but never turned blue. I would definitely be weirded out by that. It could be the water....Try a different water source and conduct a second "experiment" to see if it happens again.

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I am not that brave to drink the overnight tea, especially after it turns blue-ish, my friend. :) What I meant is that some chemical reactions can be expected after the flowers being brewed in the hot water and later steeped in the cold water overnight. Anyone good at chemistry here? Please help!

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I bought some Chrysanthemum tea -- well, a pack of the dried flowers -- and made some tasty tea. I left half a mug full overnight, and woke up to see it had turned from yellow to blue. Is this normal???


It’s not unusual for it to take on a blue-green tinge if it stands a long time. I’ve never noticed any adverse effects from drinking it when it’s off color. Also, if the brew has a slightly bitter flavor, try using fewer flower buds next time you make it. Three or four per large mug are usually enough.

If you want to buy it in Chinese, it's 菊花茶。

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