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I have now three thousands characters or so under my belt, so I want start reading real Chinese books. Can you guys suggest me some? I have no real preference, fiction or non-fiction, I do not care. Just should be interesting and everyday, useful vocab in it.

thank you

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Your vocabulary is probably on par with mine now, pretty impressive actually. Here are some of mine recently read novels more about modern China.

There is a new Yu Hua 余华 book out called 《兄弟》or Brothers. I found it really interesting.

I've also recently finished Chi Li's 池利 book called 《来来往往》or Coming and Going.

You might not understand some subtle stuff in the books, since there was lots of reading between the lines to do.

Uhmm if those don't work you can cut your teeth in books for young adults. The books that's really popular now is a series called 《每晚一个离奇故事》. Hmm as a young kid, I do remember reading a modern fairytale book called 《"下次开船"港》, also《小布头奇遇记》is very good too. Both of them are fairly engaging, but the former is more philosophical.

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Scoobyqueen, don't know what kind of books you read but I read my first book after studying for four years. I didn't count the characters I knew by then, but it probably was well over 3,000.

OP: I haven't read 兄弟, but I can recommend 活着, also by 余华. My first book was 棋王 by 张系国.

And I think there is another thread on this subject, you can try looking there for more ideas.

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