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Taking the HSK? Already taken it? Report in here!

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9 hours ago, PJ said:

What the exact font is -- is it 10pt Firefly? 


i’m sure it’s something very standard like a chinese version of helvetica. the problem is just that their ancient windows font rendering sucks and/or screen resolution is too low.

you can’t find that font now because modern computers would never give it to you. it’s like asking your x-box to do a retro 16-bit display on modern games. that setting doesn’t exist. you’d need to go buy a fossil computer really.


for a while i thought like you, playing with windows emulators and trying to give myself an equally shitty font to look at everyday, that i might get used to it. then i gave up because i realized you basically need to install 90’s era windows on your computer. they are literally this backwards / lazy / negligent. you have to try really hard to find this kind of garbled text in the west now.


moreover on the listening section i find the answers were bolded... making text even harder to process.


so i came to the conclusion that, although i believe learning to write chinese longhand is a low-value skill relative to the effort required, leaning to read this garbage font was an even lower-value skill relative to the herculean effort required to find, install, and use it.


so now i’m just practicing writing everyday on my 语文作文本 writing pad, summarizing what i read that day.

on the written exam my writing score is a bit lower this way, but i can fly through the large, clearly printed text.

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1 hour ago, dtcamero said:

for a while i thought like you


Lol, understood, appreciate your advice!!

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Hi, I'm taking HSK this year (in Singapore) because it was recommended to me by my teachers. Have never taken it before so I'm not that sure of the format or anything.

I'm thinking of either taking HSK 5 or 6, depending on whether I'm more confident for it 6 by then. 
Could someone explain roughly the format to me? I'm quite confused because I was only given a short 30 minutes intro on what HSK is, why I should take it and what it is testing. 
1) Is it okay to skip between the 3 to do first? Or are they done in a specific order?

2) Which part is the hardest? 

3) How long is each part, roughly?
4) Would the certificate you are given show your scores? Is that the one you are supposed to show future employers?


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Hi @crystle940 and welcome to the forums.


Are you intending to do the paper version of the test or the computer-based one (so-called "online" test, which you do under exam conditions in the centre)...?  This depends on your ability to write by hand versus typing I suppose.


There are mock computer-based tests here, though no guarantee that your test centre (Crestar presumably) will use software that's exactly the same.  I don't know about level 5 and 6, but the ability to move between different parts would seem to be limited by how the software is designed.


Xiao Min on youtube has made some very clear intro videos explaining the formats of the HSK tests... here's the HSK 5 one: https://youtu.be/cy5HhZYY6es


Yes the certificate will show your scores for each section and overall score. The video shows an example certificate.



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