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Taking the HSK? Already taken it? Report in here!

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Fantastic score. congratulations for getting the 8! How long have you been studying for?

I got my results too for the same HSK:

听力 - 61/100

语法 - 49/100

阅读 - 54/100

综合 - 57/100

总分 - 223/400

证书等第 - 初

级别 - B

Level 4

This was just about right on the mark for what I was expecting - well, I had hoped for a 5, and if I had just gotten those 3 extra damn points, I would have. Ah, oh well. But to be honest I went in there very confident, but also went in uncertain about what was the most realistic target grade. I had prepared for the HSK for one month beforehand quite intensely, and I managed to average scores of beween 50 and 64 in almost every practice exam I did, so my HSK results reflect that fairly accurately. I decided that level 5 was an optimistic aim, and went for it as well as I could. Ah, so close...

It wouldn't have made a huge amount of difference getting the 5 rather than my touching-the-ceiling 4, although a level 5 would permit me to skip to at Xiamen University's Chinese class level system from my current 一年下班 to at least 二年下, instead of progressing into 二年上 like the others in my class. Still, despite missing my goal, I'm still pretty impressed with myself. This is at the 10.5 month point of my study, with at least a few study crashes and setbacks in the past, so I'm relieved to see that I'm still well on track. I came to China last June so have been here technically over a year, but my study was negligable until last September. Well, not entirely, but I was busy settling into China, dealing with the revelation to my girlfriend's parents of our relationship, and had not taught myself how to self-study properly. I could speak a little, but given that on the day of the university placement test I was writing 一二三四五六 and got stuck at 七, I think it's fair to say that things only really began in September.

The next 初中 HSK exams are in October and then November, so I will be aiming to get my 6 in October, and will be aiming for 7. I'm certain that over 3 and a half months is plenty to go up 1.05 grades :)

Off topic: I'll be going around answering my unanswered posts tomorrow or so, sorry for being so unreliable.

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Congratulations everyone! Especially Don_Horhe for the 8... bested me by 2 points in grammar there :ph34r:

I thought that I will never get a chance to take the Advanced (also not offered at our CI in Czech Republic), but I fortunately got a scholarship to China for the next semester (ironically enough, it's sponsored by Hanban, the very organization I... well, can't exactly say I like them, to put it mildly, the introduction of the New HSK being only one of several reasons). I will have to apply shortly after my arrival in September as the exam is supposed to be in the middle of October or something like that (don't remember the exact date and too lazy to check now). This will be my first and probably also the last stab at it, rumor has it that we won't see any 旧版 exams in 2011. Even in China they don't offer the Advanced exam everywhere, good that they placed me to Tianjin, getting to Beijing won't be that much of a hassle...

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Thanks, and congratulations to you guys, too. Joshuawbb, a high 4 is quite good for 10.5 months of study, so 加油! I'm sure you'll get that 6 next time. ;)

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I got my results and certificate this week - from taking the new HSK level 3 exam back in May, in Sheffield (England). I got 85 for listening, 95 for reading and 94 for writing.

I did an exam preparation day at the Sheffield Confucious Centre the week before taking the test and the teacher agreed I should enter for the new level 3, not level 4. I'd already passed the old level 2. I'm only a part-time student of Chinese, so slow steps up are appropriate for me. But now I think maybe I should have gone in for level 4. I realise it depends on your aim. Nothing hangs on these results for me - they're just an annual goal and feedback for me on my progress. At least next year we won't be having to deal with major changes in the exam.

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Hi everyone !

I'm taking the new HSK at the Konfuzius Institute (Frankfurt/Main) in october. Still don't know if I'll go for level 3 or 4. Anybody taking it there ?

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I got my results today and I wonder what they mean...

New HSK Level 4, Hong Kong Nov 15th

听力82, 阅读 91, 写作 78, total score 251, passed (合格)

Are they the individual scores % (of 100) each? What is the minimum score for passing? Where can I look up the explanation of scores?


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IIRC, the minimum passing mark is 180 out of a total 300 (which is 60%) for all levels of the New HSK. Also, I think the new scoring system is not based on the scores in theindividual sections (there was an individual passing mark for each section in the old exam), just on the total score - if you score 90+ in both listening and reading, then you can have 0 points in the writing section and still pass (or that's how I understand it anyways).

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Oh really? I was told that the min passing score for each section is 70 (hence the intense last minute character writing training, as I almost never write characters by hand).

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I guess I should have posted here earlier, but ...

I have just received my results for the HSK level 2 I did in October at SOAS.

The scores were:

listening 99

reading 80

total 189

Needless to say I am quite pleased with the results.

The actual exam had about 20 examinees. As you may guess from my score, the listening part was straight forward enough.

I always worry about the listening part and I feel much more confident with the reading.

But in the two exams I have done so far, the reading part has given me most problems.

The format is that you are given 5 answers and you have to match the correct answer to each of 5 following questions.

Most of the paper was easy but the last 10 questions in the reading section proved to be very difficult.

Although I could read all the characters, many of the answers did not seem to match any of the questions. So I ended up

guessing about 8.

The two guys on either side of me complained about the last 2 lots of questions/answers, so it wasn't just me.

I was philosophical about this - Hanban wants a spread of scores.

So far I haven't studied for the HSK specifically. I just try practice tests and do the HSK as it comes around. For the 3rd level,

I think it may be time to start looking at HSK worklists and some HSK specific textbooks.



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I took the old HSK on 28th of November and I'm now waiting for the results. Last April I got listening 45,grammar 28, reading 26 and characters 38. This time I hope I passed the level 3.

Do you know when the results will come?

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I got my new HSK 3 results today

听力 93.0

阅读 86.0

写作 85.0

总分 264.0

I found the listening and reading parts more difficult than those of the mock exam. I was very much surprised by the written part, since I was expecting an awful grade. I wrote my first hanzi by hand this June. The first section of the written part only requires reordering and copying characters. The 5 hanzi that I had to write from memory were easy -less than 10 strokes- (even though I did not remember how to write 2 of them).

I'll try to sit the new HSK 4 next year

Any piece of advice?

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I just got my test results online for HSK Elem-Int test - first time I took this one:

Listening: 58: Lev 5 (56 – 64)

Grammar: 69: Lev 6 (65 – 73)

Reading: 42: Lev 3 (39 – 47)

General: 55: Lev 5 (55 – 63)

Total Score: 217 = Lev 4 (189 – 225)

So, that means if I could have just gotten my reading score up another 9 points, then I would have a Level 5. Pretty close!

And I didn’t have enough time on the reading – it was very hard. The last 15 questions I had to just completely guess.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with my score since I was not confident to get a 4 this time.

I am happy with my progression as follows:

- Move to China in Sep 2009

- Take HSK Basic and get a Lev 1 in Nov 2009

- Take HSK Basic and get a Lev 3 in Apr 2010

- Take HSK Elem-Int and get a Lev 4 in Nov 2010

So, in roughly 1 year of working and living in China and studying in what free time I have I went up to an overall Lev 4, and better in most areas. I also think my reading is much higher than a level 3, I am just not a FAST reader. I guess I need to eventually try to READ more in preparation for the next time I ever take the HSK.

So - I guess that would be my advice to people going from the Basic to the Elem-Int test... make sure you READ a lot.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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I just got the results from old HSK Elementary-Intermediate. As I wrote earlier I took the HSK first time last April but didn't pass (140 points in total). But here are the results I got now:

听力 52

语法 49

阅读 42

综合 51

总分 193

So I got 初 B, Elementary B, level 4!

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Congratulations to you all above for your great results!

I took the Nov. 28th HSK too - this was my fourth HSK and I finally managed to reach my goal of level 6. It wasn't by much, but it's the level I've been working towards the whole time I've been in China, so it's a big relief to have finally gotten there. Here's hoping the HSKs continue next year so I can improve upon this score.

听力分数 68

语法分数 62

阅读分数 66

综合分数 68

Total: 267

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My April New HSK Level 4 Results:

听力 86.0

阅读 83.0

写作 66.0

总分 235.0

Would need to improve my writing if I want to continue on to level 5 and 6.

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Congrats everyone!

I took the new HSK in March and the old HSK in April.

Results are as follows:


听力 92

阅读 96

写作 89

总分 277


听力 78

语法 83

阅读 85

综合 84

总分 329

证书等第 中

级别 B (7)

(I took 2 years of Chinese at uni before getting a CSC scholarship to study Chinese full-time for a year, of which I am in my 9th month.)

Many thanks to board members who shared study tips and advice, especially suggestions on which practice books to buy for the old HSK by martian2 (http://www.chinese-forums.com/index.php?/topic/20933-taking-the-hsk-already-taken-it-report-in-here-2009/page__view__findpost__p__178915) and various tips by heifeng, roddy, wushijiao and others.

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Weird, just got my results and noticed a discrepancy. Does anyone know why my total mark is listed as 329, when the individual components add up to 330? Please see attached.post-36611-024071100 1305117331_thumb.jpg

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5 more points in 听力 and a few more points elsewhere and it could have been an 8... Similar to my first HSK taken in China a few years ago - I also had 2 years of Chinese at the uni prior to coming to China for a year (and I also missed the elusive 8 by only a few points back then). With that kind of score, you could have taken the New HSK 6 and you would probably pass...

There is no discrepancy, the 总分 is not a sum of your individual scores from each section and is calculated differently - there is also a note about this on the slip of paper called HSK成绩单 (you probably didn't get that one yet), which goes as: HSK总分不等于HSK单项分之和. I don't know how exactly they calculate it and I think nobody here knows for sure (there has been a lot of discussion about this already). The grading is based on the curve and there seems to be some sort of mathematical magic going on behind the scenes... I've never been good at maths, perhaps somebody else can elaborate?

Take my last HSK results for example (taken 2 years ago):

听力 100

语法 97

阅读 82

综合 83

总分 361 (the sum would be 362)

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