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New "Studying Chinese outside of China" forum


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This is a new forum created to discuss universities, schools, courses and teachers outside of China. This isn't an area we've covered very much before, as it's previously been lumped in with universities and schools in China. But there's an ever increasing number of courses all around the world, and I'd like to see if we can get some discussion about them.

To this end I'd like to invite everyone to:

a) Start a new topic about any course you've completed or are taking - or ask about one you're considering.

B) If you're curious about who else out there is studying Chinese in your town or city, again, start a new topic introducing yourself and inviting anyone else local to you to do the same.

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please feel free to delete this thread, admin, but why don't you list the different language schools in one thread instead of posting them as individual ones? There are hundreds of Chinese language schools in the United States alone, and anyone who comes to talk about a school will probably just create a new thread instead of searching for an existing one, especially if it is located on the second page and has zero replies.

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Laziness is not an excuse. Never has been one.

Onto your suggestion: feel free to compile them into one big list and post it. I'm sure the admins would be happy as long as it is well done and useful to even make it one of those threads that always stays at the top of the forum. Then people can add to it later to.

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Merging, and if you're posting something you think we might want to delete - please ask first. :)

The lists of Chinese schools in this forum I actually had compiled some time ago for another project. As i had them sitting there doing nothing I imported them on the off-chance they might be useful, but as i didn't want to suddenly flood everyone's new posts listing with a hundred+ topics I dated them in the past.

Individual topics makes more sense to me for ease of search engine indexing and (if we ever get any) organization of discussion - nobody interested in a particular school in New York is going to want to sift though discussion of every other school in the US. Discussion by city might make sense, but one huge list would I think be less useful.

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