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new wave of Nazi?

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Wow, i was really shocked to see this happened in New Zealand as I havent seen it on the news at all! But the story about the israeli (suspected spy's) trying to obtain passports here has been big news, apparently the relationship between nz and israeli govt's are 'stretched'.

Really disgusted to see that happen here..

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Whoa close to home:( Bloody skin heads. Skin heads are such a minority in New Zealand, that is a rare thing to happen.

Probably happened when those skin heads had a protest...

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The news photo above is taken in Herrlisheim, eastern France that sparkles Sharon to urge all french jews to leave for Israel yesterday.

In fact Muslim graves were also a victim. The following photo shows the graves of Muslim soldiers who died fighting for France in the first and second world wars in Alsacea, again, it's in eastern France.


It's not a single incident. Here is another picture in Strasbourg, again in eastern france:


My deep concern is that a series of all these disgraceful acts can be seen in Germany, France and NZ recently. As i plan to study in France, all these racism will definitely hamper my plan to go there.

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Yes, french medias cannot stop discussing the rise of antisemitism in France at the moment. Most of the time, those responsible for those stupid acts are lost and bored kids... Most of them will grow wiser.

To answer Yau: I have never seen/heard of asians bothered by racists here.


The situation, as I see it: those acts are committed by young people, either "gauls" (as papers often call french people of french descent here) or children of immigrants from north africa. I would say the first category live a period of their life where they want to affirm themselves and rebel against the society, some will identify to rock-stars, hip hop stars, etc. and will dress up and act accordingly. Some others (a minority) choose hatred as their rebellious stance.

The second category suffer from latent racism themselves and I think some of them (again, a minority) identify to Palestinians, which leads themselves to demonstrate hate of the jews.

In both cases, most of them will grow out of it. A friend of mine was a determined racist a few years ago, when he was in the army (he was 19), he even tried to make me listen some "Oï" music (nazi skinhead rock) with truly awful lyrics but he has now grown wiser (he is now 25), he realised the persons he did not like were actually a small group of trouble-makers and that they were in no way all of arabian descent, nor were all arabs trouble-makers. Becoming good friends with an arab also helped him on his way, I think, people tend to fear what/who they do not know... And I am confident most of those persons will evolve the same way.

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Alhazred, thanks for the detailed answers.

In fact, to most local people, crimes are not commonly seen. I've never witnessed any real bloody crime in my life because all these crimes mostly likely target a certain kind of people. They may be tourist or minority.

I believe that Anti-semitism may not target asian, but the underlying assumption of all these racism will definitely threaten all non-local people.

It seems that Chinese immigrants from Wenzhou (溫州) have already irritated local people. It's a worrying sign.

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these people are children & not to be taken seriously!! that is what they want you to do...

Exactly, I think there's a new term to describe them, "attention whores".

Though Neo-Nazis have been around for quite some time after WWII.

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these people are children & not to be taken seriously!! that is what they want you to do...

I heartily disagree, these people are very, very serious. By simply ignoring them, they aren't all of the sudden going to drop their hatreds.

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