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Being Black in Beijing


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My apologies Chrix, i realised how i worded my sentence might have implied the opposite of what i intended to say.

I very much agreed with what you said, straight to the point, my reservation was towards using the word Xenophobia because sometimes the word creates the excuse. I am not qualified to disqualify such a phobia, i guess its because i have never seen it in person. But I have this feeling that sometimes its a case of a kleptomaniac that is really a thief in the cloak of kleptomaniacs

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No problem Lawal, no need to apologise, just wanted to clarify my point.

Xenophobia and racism are both despicable, but when you're discussing issues like that, it might be useful to properly distinguish them, is all.

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To the OP - have a graet time in China.

Now for the pessimisstic stuff.

Yes there will be overt racism. You may get screwed on housing (ie. people not wanting to rent to you), not being able to get English teaching jobs at first (because you don't look "American", the small agencies and schools are the worst) and people talking behind your back, and people judging you before knowing you (the Chinese notoriously do this amongst themselves think about the regional stereotypes), cabs might not stop for you (everything seems to happen on the same day too - a bad China day, it's called). There are definitely some girls in clubs/bars that will actively run away from you. However the girls who do talk to you will probably be much more open and interesting.

FWIW, I'm of Indian origin and yeah you had better believe lots of Indian people are racist. It really gets to me when my distant relatives complain to me about alleged anti-Indian racism. I usually tell them to shut their trap and start viewing black people equally and we'd worry about it later. Ditto Chinese people.

Anyhow these are just my observations as someone of Indian origin who lived in Beijing for two years and has travelled in China and continues to do so for both pleasure and work and anecdotal stories told to me by black friends who have lived and continue to live in China today.

My tips? Be nice, smile, be polite, learn Chinese and about China and be normal and learn to let a lot of things go.

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Being Black in Beijing or Black Toothpaste cant beat the story of Lou Jing. I mean as someone intending to visit and study and for people already there, i doubt anyone has had it or will have it as bad.

Born to a Chinese lady and an African American, she has suffered the hate of Chinese hateful netizens.. Its sad what comment people have left. Really really sad. In 2009, you'd think racism will done in hiding.. I'm lost for words, I really am.. Search for yourselves and check out the story..

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