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Thinking of Tianjin...

wee jimmy

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Hi all, this is my first post on the forum. I am currently teaching in Thailand and want a change of culture, lifestyle, weather etc... I have 2 young children and i was wanting some information about Tianjin:

1) Average salary for a experienced teacher

2) Housing cost?? 3 bedroom apartment..

3) Schooling for my children

4) Health care

5) Cost of living (food and beer :D)

I look forward to your replies. Thanks in advance

Wee Jimmy :help

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Mmm, well, it's been 15 years since the mosquitos of Tianjin's ponds and moats chased me out in pursuit of my blood type T for Texan... anyway there are a number of international schools there now. Their websites will give you some idea of tuition for your little ones.

I imagine that if you go to

http://www.tianjinexpats.net you can network and find out the financial details of Tianjin life.

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Wee Jimmy: I'm from here, but unfortunately I can't provide good answers to your questions, as my life here doesn't have much overlapping with that of foreign teachers. Please make use of the TianjinExpal website, and let us know if you have any unanswered questions!

Lelan: You are just being nice not to mention the SMELL of the ponds and moats!!! It was such a shame! Actually, Tianjin is really different now. We are not a such dirty and messy city any more. You should come back and check this out!

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isela, I'll pm you or better yet, grab me when I'm on skype. Wee Jimmy, I forgot one thing to tell you. Check to see if you need Japanese encephalitis vaccination for you or your little ones in Tianjin. Mosquitos were a big problem in Tianjin when I was there, I don't know what the situation is right now but back then I had to have the vaccine.

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you can check this post out for living cost in Tianjin. The bugs are still a issue but not a major one. Last year wasnt huge issue but yes you have to watch out for them.


From what I understand from 2005-2008 the city went thru a major "upgrade" right now we only have 1 subway line, but 3 more are under construction and slated to open between now and 2012. The fast train goes to beijing south station which in my mind is worthless because you need to take a bus or taxi to get to the subway line. However they are building a subway line to this railroad station. Fast train is only 30min from TJ to BJ. Cost around 54yuan.

So once it's complete you can probably make it from your apartment to anyplace in BJ in about 2-3 hours total trip.

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