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Instant Chinese character to Pinyin conversion in MS Word!

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We've just received word from Microsoft and - believe it or not - they found a solution. Without going into the exhaustive details on why and how this phenomenon arises, suffice it to say that if you install one of the following two files, ruby candidates appear correctly in the dialogue box. If you want all the gory details, just send a message to me.

If you have Office XP:


If not:


And that should do it.

A brief summary of the technical issues:


PINTLGNT.IME is where the data resides. In certain environments, the data cannot be read from this file when called on by Word. This is a bug, but will probably cease to be a problem with the next OS upgrade.


MSIME.China must be present in the Registry in order for ruby candidates to work.


If these registry keys are not present, Windows is not properly recognizing all of the components of Chinese IME







Hope that helps.


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Hi friend,

I've try to add any phonetic and pinyin was written on top of the character.

The problem that I could not copy one of each character or each pin yin. It always come character with pin yin.

by accident I could convert it in one line as shown below


I could repeat again how to do the same thing inside word. When I paste to this editor it automaticaly convert it to one line same as above.

Other problem when I re-type the pin yin of "luó mǎ pīn yīn", I could not get the same character.

I use IME Pinyin 3.0 Chinese PRC

May be this thing already posting before, but sorry I am new here

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Maybe I missed something, but this doesn't work in word 2003, and when I look in the help file for phonetic guide, it says something about inputing the pronunciation manually.

I'm running Windows XP with Office 2003.

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What a great feature! :clap I had no idea word could do that. I've been trying to learn Zhuyin Fuhao, and I'm not always sure whether I am correct or not. But this might help me learn the system.

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I've finally left Windows behind and installed Ubuntu Linux. I'm lovin' it, in the words of another mega corporation. The Chinese input system is a breeze too (called SCIM) and it can even do Yi and Tibetan as well (plus oodles of other languages)! And all for free with OpenOffice! Beat that MS :D (non-pirate of course!)

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This is really cool! But I have one problem...

When I use the phonetic guide, I see everything okay! But when I click okay to apply it to the document... Go to this address to see what I get... :wall


The same thing happens when I copy and paste text that contains links. I don't get the pretty blue text, I get something like [url/asfdfkladsjf;aldksjfdsl;kfjas www.blah.com a;skfjd;fkjsa/URL]... It looks wonderful... :help

Thank you all!

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this may be a silly question but i am typing pinyin to convert to characters on windows xp & i can't type the pinyin for female or daughter because it has the 2 dots above the u. can anyone tell me what key shifts i'm meant to use to input that funny U?

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on windows xp, i input xing(2) to get 行 but on asian formatting it puts hang(2) as the pinyin. usually the asian formatting works well. does anyone know what's going on with this?

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Not sure whether the pinyin-conversion is context-sensitive, but hang is one pronounciation of the character 行, as in [pop=bank/yínháng]银行[/pop]。

Maybe try 自行车 and see what it gives you.

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Windows Asian layout is a bit buggy and you can't rely on its accurate phonetic guide 100% but you can always edit the phonetics if you need to save it for the future.

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In any case, thanks ... great little tool that I didn't know I had. :mrgreen:

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I'll try this thread as well. I'm running Word 2002 SP3 under W XP. The pinyin conversion works fine, and I've learned to adjust sizes and fonts and positioning etc. It's a fantastic help for texts found on the Internet.

But I want to convert more than a measly 5-8 characters each time! Preferably, at least a page or so. I've tried to record a macro, but the MS "smart" macro feature doesn't understand that I want to convert a new selection when running the recorded result, so I get a perfect mess. I have already had to rethink Word macro languages twice, so I'm not too keen on having to learn the current version.

Here's a challenge to you computer whiz kids (I'm 63): Create that multi-character ruby text addition macro, and I'll pay for it. I don't want thingies that convert strangely written pinyin to pinyin with tone marks, like the DimSum tool. I have already created a more efficient way for just writing pinyin. To summarize my wish: Assume that I have a Word (2002, under XP) file in simplified characters. Give me a tool that adds pinyin above the characters, like the Word Format-Asian-Phonetic thing or whatever it is in English, for as many characters as possible at a time (obviously, far more than ca. 10).

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Hi all....

I'm just learned how to use phonetic guide to put a pinyin on the chinese character in ms word 2003. Here i have a question that need your help. Can we put the pinyin on the left or right side of the base text?

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Hi all...

:help Can we put the ruby text in the right or left side of the base text? How?


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can anyone get this to work with office 2007? i got the the 'phonetic guide' but it doesn't automatically put in the pinyin for you.

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I tried this and I only get 注音 since I'm running MS-Office (Traditional Chinese). Are you guys getting Hanyu pinyin?

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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to convert hanzi into pinyin in windows vista? having read some of the threads I have been unable so far to do it.

Also, my microsoft office version is 2003.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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