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Software Piracy vs Music / Film Piracy

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From here

First off, as some of you are already aware, I'm going to ban discussion of pirated / cracked / copied Chinese learning material on here in the very near future. There are few decent products as there are, and I'll do what I can to support those that exist. This will be taken seriously, and some people might want to edit their posts now. Discussion via pm that is brought to my attention will be treated the same way.
This strikes me a just a wee-bit sanctimonious coming from someone who knowledgeably replies to queries on another popular, travel-related forum concerning the best places in Beijing to find pirated DVD's and frequently discusses content from said DVD's on this forum. I assume the argument can be extended to music as well since the forum-owner has mentioned Baidu.com and music-on-CD on a number of occasions. Don't filmmakers and musicians need your support as well? Just my view...and certainly have no problems with a forum owner/moderator doing what he/she wants or thinks is in the best interest of their site.

First off, if people want to comment on moderation policy, I'd prefer they do it in this Suggestions and Announcements section rather than in some random topic where I may or may not see it. If they want to get personal about it, there's always the private message function and the [email protected] . . . email address.

Secondly, I think (perhaps naively) that this site could make a certain amount of difference when it comes to piracy of Chinese learning software, and none whatsoever when it comes to piracy of music and dvds. I'm also a lot more interested in supporting the Chinese language learning software.

Hypocritical? Yes, probably. If anyone wants to see a consistent policy on piracy, here's the place to argue for it . . .


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Heh heh, nobody is touching this one...

My opinion is that a policy of this sort is always a good idea. What you or anybody downloads, music or software, I don't really care to know about. Everyone has their own philosophy regarding piracy and it's benefits/evils but it doesn't need to be debated as often as it is. I like the idea of keeping this board free of the topic. 'Nuff said.

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