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The Transcribing and Subtitle thread


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It would be good if could synchronise the transcripts to produce proper subtitles, that way, the subs can be translated into other languages without needing to desynchronise.

I know how to resynch existing subs but not sure if a text can be plugged in. It might be a massive task, setting all the timings.

Been looking at this the last couple of days - seems doable and shouldn't take any more time than watching the actual show once or twice.

You need Subtitle Workshop. Load the transcript file (in the file dialog you need to specify .txt, otherwise it will reject it). Load the video file (NB: Seems to not like Chinese filenames). Play the video file, tapping ALT+C and ALT+V to mark the starts and ends and move through the file.

The problem is that the video preview won't play RMVB files, and I can't find 奋斗 in .avi. I'm going to have a shot at syncing episode one with the video in an external player and see how that works. If anyone else is playing with this, lay off episode one until I announce I've given up.

Pinyin subtitles, anyone?

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Attaching - by the end I was running about 10 seconds out, so I probably wouldn't want to call these usable, and I think getting them spot on might be significantly more effort than I thought, but overall it's easier than I expected. There are points when I completely lose the place.


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Thank you, guys for the efforts. Be assured that this will be used.

Roddy, if it's any help, I have converted RMVB to AVI but sending them somewhere would be a problem - too big. I will check at home, which program I used, don't remember.

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Don't bother on my account - I was more interested in seeing how feasible this was, it's not like I've got a load of RMVB files i want to subtitle. If I needed to I'd figure out the conversion stage - as it was I just created an empty 1 hour mp3 file with Audacity and used that as a dummy video file in Subtitle Workshop while playing the RMVB outside.

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I'm searching the net for chinese drama subtitles, having a little trouble finding them. For instance, looking for subtitles to the popular chinese drama 《奋斗》. I know the subtitles are generally included in the video, but I'm looking for the separate subtitle file itself, like an .srt or something similar.

You've found 奋斗, but there are some other shows we've seen that have either transcripts or subtitle files. You might want to have a look at the updated list of all shows we've covered.

Shows marked with a 'T' have a transcript attached in the relevant thread. At least for the first episode, in some cases more.

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