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Iphone/iPad Apps for Learning Chinese

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Hi there,

Let me introduce for my brand-new flashcards app!

You can freely blank out parts you want to memorize in the Chinese text. Tapping on the blanked out parts will display the hidden Chinese words.

Enhance your ability to memorize large blocks of Chinese text with fill-in-the-blank questions!

If you like me, I could send a gift code! Feel free to ask my twitter account! @AnkiBlank_en

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What's with the use of the Anki name?

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For iOS: [itunes.apple.com]

For Android: [play.google.com]

We collect 1000 most frequently used Characters for your first step of Chinese learning. As you know, each language study should begin with basic simple word learning, aften then , you can read the sentences and articles , talk with others. This first step is most import to master a new language, So hope this app will help you.

This app will help you with learning Chinese Characters quickly . You can learn a single character, to hear the real pronunciation of Chinese characters, also you can learn the commonly used words and sentences related with this character , then you will get a more solid understanding of the characters.

It has a Speak-in-Chinese module (TTS) , you can input any Chinese Characters , the app will read them for you and show the Pinyin strings.

How to use :

Swipe to switch the character

TAP the BIG Character to hear pronunciation.

Add Notes to a character when learning it.

When you input Chinese characters, either by typing them in pinyin or drawing the characters with your finger, you will need to turn on chinese input on your iPhone.

You can turn on Chinese input by doing the following. From the home screen, go into Settings > General > Keyboard > International, and scroll all the way to the bottom. There you will see a submenu titled Chinese Simplified – tap this item.

Here is some promo codes for iTunes Store as followed:











and Android version is FREE.

Welcome to try this app, and give us some kind feedback or advices.

Thanks you for supports.

For iOS: [itunes.apple.com]

For Android: [play.google.com]




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Dear learners of the Chinese language,

I am developing an iPad application that combines the spaced repetition flashcard learning method with a 3D visualization of your progress. It contains the vocabulary of the first four levels of the HSK test.

If you have an iPad 2 or the new iPad and would like to try out and help shape a new way of learning Chinese, please message me. As beta tester, you will get a free promotion code and will be mentioned in the app's credits. Your help and feedback is greatly appreciated!





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@Faikus, I couldn't send a message to you, but you can contact me throug email sara(a)sarajaaksola.com. I would be interested in taking a look at your app.

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I just released my first iPhone app: My Chinese which is a free dictionary/study app with games that has paid lessons and other content.

You have to check out the game Hanzi Dodge, it is my favorite game on the iPhone right now with the bonus of helping you learn your characters and pronunciation. I've got a guy working full time on games so we've got a lot more coming like checkers, fanorona, and lines of action.

You'll also probably like the songs we did, my friend Huang Jing has a beautiful voice and is just graduating so I'm hoping we can keep her doing more of these!

As for the dictionary and lessons there are 5 people working for me - we are doing our own dictionary focused on students and trying to rethink how lessons are done. So you'll see more lessons soon and I'm looking forward to more feedback to make sure we are on the right track.

Anyway there is more so check out the website:


Or the iTunes page:




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we just published an app which could help you for learning Chinese conversation.

"ATM Chinese-Living Abroad"

The name--ATM is an abbreviation from “Always Touching Mandarin Chinese” and at the same time methaphors the experience of using this app just as operating on an ATM; the only thing you have to do is tap on the service you need. The conversations in ATM Chinese are designed with one question and a couple of responses so that you don’t always have to eat the same thing in a Chinese restaurant or always pretending “ I am good” when asked 你好嗎? (How are you?).

Please check the details in


Best Regards,


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Hey everyone,

My name is Erich (施瑞昇), and I’ve been studying Chinese in Taiwan for the past 5 years. I recently released Chinese UP, a FREE iPhone / iTouch game designed to help students review their Chinese characters through a fun and challenging puzzle gameplay. The app works with traditional as well as simplified characters.

Please try it out at http://www.chineseupgame.com !

If you like playing Chinese UP, please help me promote the app by liking it on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChineseUpGame

Since the app is very new, I'd definitely appreciate any feedback / constructive criticism from the community - thanks in advance!

Have fun playing ;)


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Hi everyone,

The third release of ManManLai for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store.

ManManLai is a learning tool that integrates a built-in dictionary and search engine, flashcards, HSK vocabulary, and 描紅 (miáohóng) writing practice, into one cohesive app.

The app is especially useful for learning and reviewing characters, and vocabulary acquisition, and even for everyday usage as a dictionary.

More details can be found at the ManManLai web site:


Or directly from the App Store:


Matthew Sinclair-Day


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Hi everyone,

In follow-up to our recent announcement about ManManLai v.1.2, here are some Promo Codes that will allow you to download a free copy from the Apple App Store. These codes expire in 30 days, and of course can only be used once---first come, first served!











Too late to get one? Drop a line to and I'll see what we can do.

ManManLai is a learning tool that integrates a built-in dictionary and search engine, flashcards, HSK vocabulary, and 描紅 (miáohóng) writing practice, into one cohesive app. It is designed for iPhone (including iPhone 5) and iPod touch, and also runs on an iPad.

The app is especially useful for learning and reviewing characters, and vocabulary acquisition, and even for everyday usage as a dictionary.

We are confident you will find the app very useful. Please give it a try---or purchase it directly from the App Store :)



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I would like to share with you information on a new iPad Chinese nursery rhyme app.

兩隻老虎童謠 Two Tigers Chinese Nursery Rhyme.

It teaches children how to recognize Chinese characters through that popular nursery rhyme,

with cute interactive graphics and a word matching puzzle mini-game. Available at:


If you find it useful, please let other interested parties know.

Thanks and regards,


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My name is Alexis Taugeron, I'm a French software engineer and I've been studying Mandarin Chinese for about three years now.

I've been working for a few months on Tap Tap Chinese, an iPhone application that helps you practice a little bit of Chinese everyday. Today, I'm opening the app for beta testing.


Tap Tap Chinese is designed for people who study or have studied Chinese before, and want to refresh their learning on a daily basis. The app contains exercises of various levels of difficulty, but you might find it a bit difficult if you have never been exposed to Chinese before.

Each exercise is a short dialogue that you have to study in two ways:

- first passively, by reading and listening to the sentences

- then actively, by playing each character and composing their sentences

Tap Tap Chinese is NOT a dictionary or a flashcard app. If you want to memorize quickly a lot of vocabulary (eg. if you are preparing the HSK), there are other apps out there which will better fit your needs.

But if you are taking Chinese classes and want a fun and easy way to practice what you learned on-the-go, or if you are a busy professional who studied Chinese in the past and you don't want to forget what you learned, then Tap Tap Chinese is made for you.

As I said at the top of this post, the app is open for beta testing. If you want to be a tester, you can apply at http://taptapchinese.com. In exchange for your time and feedback, you'll get exclusive deals when the app is released publicly.

Unfortunately, Apple limits the number of people who can beta-test a given iOS app. For this reason, if you apply for the beta I recommend you also send me a PM with the following information:

- basic info about who you are

- your relationship with Mandarin (your level, why you learn, etc.)

- your iOS device model and version (eg. iPhone 5 / iOS 6.0)

- other Chinese-learning apps or websites you like or dislike, and why

If there are too many applicants, I will use these information to prioritise.

Thanks for your attention! If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask them in this thread.


Alex - http://alexistaugeron.com

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sleepy eyes of death

Hey, everyone. I had an older account but couldn't recover my password. I made this one just to create this thread*. Other than grammar (why do our resources have to be so poor or descriptive/non-pratical?), my main issue with learning Chinese has always been the tones. I'm ashamed to admit that even after years of studying, it's still a major weakness and, obviously, a hindrance. About two weeks ago I started Sinosplice's tone drills and, while they were certainly helpful, I plateaued fairly quickly. Then I read about this Ipad/Iphone app on a language blog. I've been using it for two days and he I have made a /huge/ improvement on my tones. I'm still on the input part of the training, but it has significantly improved my tone production. And, trust me, I had tried everything possible before, never with results this good. He has a Pinyin Test and Tone Test on Apple Store too, but they are not as helpful.

I had misgivings at first. It seems Laokang is an old Zhongguo tong and the recordings are all made by him, a non-native. Plus, he uses the famed "ma" syllable as a staple for the drills. That felt pretty weak at first, but then I realized it was a plus. The drilling focuses on pairs (pronounced in full, not merging two different sound files) and, in this scenario, the ma's force you to focus on tone alone. The idea seems utterly simple, but it had never occurred to me (perhaps because the ma's individually pronounced for tones were so useless in the long run), and it's immensely helpful. There are also lots of actual words in the recordings.

My only qualm is that he didn't go as far as three-syllable combinations on this version of the app. Hopefully it could be expanded in future versions. Other than that, if anyone else here is tone-haunted, I'd highly recommend it. In fact, I'd recommend it over anything I know of.

From his blog it seems he also has a Pinyin Trainer and a Character app to be released in the future, if the current apps are succesful. The description of the character app is really interesting. I'd love to see it, even if it won't probably teach me any character I don't yet know. Here it is:

"Chinese uses characters, which to the untrained eye seem incomprehensible. In fact, most characters recycle approximately 180 components along with 200 plus variations. Existing textbooks only teach a small fraction of these, leaving students to absorb each new character as a say a dozen strokes rather than a group of 2 or 3 components. Ye Changyuan of Beijing, has artfully grouped these components into 26 groups, one for each letter of the alphabet, in a patented system for entering characters on a computer keyboard. I recently acquired the rights to adapt his system to a touch screen keyboard and for use in apps teaching characters to non-native speakers."

* disclosure of my ulterior motive - I'd love to see his other apps published and I have only seen this one advertised in a single blog (Chinesehacks?)

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sleepy eyes of death

Hey, I meant the post above to be a topic, but it was relocated here. I can't edit either. It's missing the name: Laokang Tone Trainer. The other two apps so far available are Laokang Tone Test and Laokang Pinyin Test.

I hope it's as helpful to others as it has been to me!

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Hey, I meant the post above to be a topic, but it was relocated here.

Due to the abundance of iPhone app recommendations made by new posters who are rarely heard from again, such posts are all placed in a common thread rather than having multiple empty threads.

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Hi Everyone, I've just released an iPhone app, PinyinWeb, that's a mobile browser with a popup translator built in. It provides a similar function to perapera-kun, where a popup translation is displayed whenever you touch and hold over hanzi. Currently it displays pinyin and English, French, or German depending on the dictionary loaded. It's a super basic web browser right now, but it's filling in the gap that I usually use perapera-kun for. The link is here, http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pinyin-web/id562201091?ls=1&mt=8 and here are some promo codes if you are interested. Thanks!

Promo Codes:





















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A brand new method to practise Chinese language listening skills, purposely developed by language learners not satisfied with other products present in the marketplace. A must for those who really want to learn how to recognise tones and sounds, targeted to both foreigner students and young Chinese alike, of all levels.

You will hear a real human voice speaking out a sequence of sounds and the application will ensure that your brain focuses on pure listening only, avoiding the common trap of drawing the answers from previously learnt words.

In most commonly found applications, if you heard the sequence "nī háo", you would probably guess that the meaning is "hello", which is wrong! This is because our brain, when hearing familiar words, ignores the tone components and automatically substitutes them with the correct one, "nǐ hǎo". Therefore, you think you are practise listening skills, while, in reality, you are simply reviewing your knowledge.

Using Tingli application will solve this problem, because the words that you will hear - while exist individually - when put together do not have a full meaning, and therefore there is no knowledge from which to cheat the answer! You will be forced to listen to each of the sounds very carefully before providing the correct answer.

You can easily get it by scanning the QR Code below, or visit Apple Store by using the link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ting-li/id614173769?mt=8.


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