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Learn Chinese in China

Studying Mandarin in Nanjing


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Hello, I am in China since 2 weeks and plan to study mandarin in Nanjing.

Wich university should I subscribe my self for, and is it a big inconvenience to start now?

I am planning to go there and subscribe myself as soon as possible.

The Nanjing University :

Does it have a dorm, does someone have experience living there?

Because I want to spent atleast 1 month in student hostel or dorm before renting an apartment

What about the mandarin classes?

The Nanjing Normal University :

Does it have a dorm or student hostel?

What about the mandarin classes?

If someone can help me with finding the right university or language school to subscribe my self in, I would appreciate it alot.

I am 20 years old, Belgian. In asia since 8 months but only 2 weeks in China.

My goal is to study chinese, to be able to communicate the locals, and ofcourse, enjoy the chaotic but pleasent chinese lifestyle.

Hope to get some answers A.S.A.P.


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They are both good universities,

Both have hostels that you can stay in.

Nanda and other try to get students to sign up for a semester at a time in the dorms. And will charge a higher rate if you are less than that.

Nanjing Normal is a bit more intense. They have many more students so you can find your level more easily I think there are 8 first year levels. When I went there are lots of koreans, I think there still are lots of koreans, most of whom have learnt the characters and are there to learn usage and pinyin. To learn chinese you have to have persistance, Nanjing normal will push even that persistence. I found the Korean students just wanted to cover lots in class and didn't want to stop as often for us europeans that wanted to ask questions...There are more of a mix in Nanjing normal now than when I went there, but from what I have heard it is still intense.

Nanda there was more of a mix, with Germans, Japanese, koreans and other Caucasians US, UK etc.. The class sizes were a bit smaller and the teachers answered questions more and did more things like role plays in class which I enjoyed. I did two years at Nanda, in the later semesters I took classes like internet newspaper reading and Chinese modern international relations which I enjoyed. (less so the religion literature classes and Tai chi)

Nanda is a bit more expensive. I would live off campus. I recommend Nanda.

I would advise you to go and ask to sit in on a few days of classes at each school to see which fits your learning style best.

Even with learning Chinese, many people are proud and often choose the hardest school on principle, and then get what they wished for.

Dongnan and Hohai universities also give chinese classes. Hohai has many african students and Dongnan may have some business classes you can sit in on. If you want a personalized program seek out small schools like Shenji daxue or XiaoZhuang, they'll hire people to teach your Chinese cooking or kung fu if you request it and don't mind the tiny classes.

Good luck,


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