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The Chinese in Papua New Guinea


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Although there is a lot of information available about the migration of Chinese to America and Australia I am unable to find information on migration to Papua New Guinea.

I am particularly curious to know whether those people who landed there actually intended to be there, or is it possible that they 'lost their way' whilst on the way to Australia or even the Philipines.

The time period I am talking about is the late 1930's.

If anyone could give me ideas or thoughts it would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Very little info found. Seem that initial chinese presence started a long time ago, about a hundred years.

But for the late 1930s, the German brought in the Chinese as indentured labour to work the plantations. But the plantations never really flourish.

It appear there is only 1991 chinese there in 1971 but the nos rose to 12227 by 1980. Seems this is the active period of chinese migration. A lot then left to Australia and by 1990 there was only 5168 chinese. (About 3000 in 1975)

Prior to WW 1,two main groups were there. Methodist Hakkas and Cantonese Cathlolics. The Cantonese were the wealthy ones.

(Extracted from The Encyclopedia of the Oversea Chinese)

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