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Differences in English accents . . .

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I asked her yesterday about the IETLS test too, and she said her test contained lots of different accents and found them somewhat difficult, though I don't think she struggled - her ability was still very good I suppose. I entirely agree that exposure to more accents is really important, and the IETLS tests outline that.

Which is the purpose of IELTS ... at the highest levels of proficiency. It's not needed at anything below level 6 though ... which is quite a high achievement already.

And I honestly believe having a strong foundation in the standard language is key to learning any accents or dialects. In any language, even Mandarin.

Official languages are set up by rules ... a kind of reglement. We should all respect that. And once we do respect that, then and only then can we understand or have a full knowledge of all diversions or differences.

Thank God I didn't have to learn Scottish before English. :mrgreen:

No offence though: one of my best professors was Scottish! It just took me a bit longer to understand the topic. :mrgreen: But understanding I did! Like nobody else in the field! :lol:

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Well, I live in London and I have to say that people from different regions all sounded different. haha.

I still sometimes can't figured out what someone from Texas was talking about. I guess I'm just not used to the tone.

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