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Learn Chinese in China

BLCU Spring Semester 2010


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Well, I am really glad that I came across this message board on the net.

Anyway, I also want to chime in:

I will also likely attend BLCU classes. Most likely I will take classes for 3 months, though I would prefer to attend a whole semester. It is still up on air because I will do an intership and it really depends when classes take place. I found out that classes are in the morning but I did not get any specific schedule. Has anybody an idea when classes start and end?

Ideally, I would attend classes in the morning and after lunch break I would be working.

Is there anybody else from Austria (ideally Vienna :D) or somebody who takes Elementary Level B?

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Hi everyone,

Nice to know that so many of you are going to BLCU this March.

I will arrive on March 3. anyone does the same?

I think I need some other friends to get a room to share or something (I have not had any experience yet)

I'm a little nervous that I would be lost or something :oops:

however, please contact me, we would do good company :D

See you guys,

Anh Nguyen / female/ 23.

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4hours a day might seem too much free time but trust me, there are too many things you can do during the afternoon. You can study, play sports, go to the gym, go around Beijing, go sightseeing, hang out with friends, rest, etc. You won't run out of things to do. If you ask me, 4hours a day is just right.

Something I observed: Students in the intensive course (6hrs/day) attend classes more diligently. Those in the regular course cut classes more. Classes in the intensive course also tend to be closer.

BLCU is a great place to learn. For the first time students, don't be nervous, you will do just fine.

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Is anybody here planning on going to the university gym at BLCU? I have read mixed things about the gym in terms of price. I am also keen on perhaps joining some Tai Chi classes and maybe even some Chinese Calligraphy if I can find it. I just want as many opportunities to practise / immerse myself.

Another point - internet in dorm 17? I have read that it is available and I have been told it is free but I assume this means access is free and you get charged for the download? I am intending to use skype (it's not blocked I hope? My friend told me he saw people using it when he was in Shanghai).

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Internet is not free inside dorm rooms but the 2 establishments inside dorm 17 offer free Wifi.

Inside the rooms you can choose between CERNET or China Unicom (DSL). CERNET cannot be shared by 2 people but Unicom can, with the use of a router. Speed is roughly the same (2mbps max).

China Unicom Unlimited 2mbps 1month validity = 120RMB (Modem Deposit=100RMB). 1mbps is 80RMB.

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i am coming to blcu(12 weeks program). i applied for f viza,get succefully the visa but embassy kept the original documents of the admission notice and jw202 application. i have just copies...can i register with the copies? i asked blcu by email but everything is closed cause of the spring festival.

please help:help

wait for suggestions and possible solutions in order not to be so nervous...:cry:

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Hi all,

got a room in our flat to rent, available immediately, we're over the road from BLCU (from the East gate its about 5-6mins walk) all amenities are close by. I'm at BLCU, English, love a laugh, my Mrs is starting work for Hainan Airlines next month, she's French.

If anyone fancies having a look its a great flat, modern, clean, all bills/internet are included.

Any questions, send me a PM, or give us a call on 15210597419.

All the Best,

Mr. S:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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wait for suggestions and possible solutions in order not to be so nervous..

I think as long as you go to the University before registration and they can prove you are who you are then it shouldn't be a problem.

It's a bit strange for the embassy to keep your forms though...

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thanks guys!

i just cant contact the embassy cause of the spring festival. i dont live in Athens(Greece) and in my town we dont have chinese consulate...that is why i send a travel agent to apply the documents and he gave not only the copies but the original too! Here in Greece dont know anything about the chinese visa procedure!:cry:i think i have to be patient.

thaks again

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@ pokipoki - I am taking the 4hr/day classes...

Hey guys was wandering hmmm so wat the procedures we should do for registration?

Find a room first or something else? and oh btw does BLCU allows us some credit factilities, like we pay a deposit before paying the whole sum after some time?


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i was supposed to arrive on the 23rd..but just learned that my ticket got cancelled because of technical difficulties. or stupid travel agent.


now i'm freaking out because everything else is booked solid till the 28th.

hopefully i get a good roomate and have tons of fun things to do besides studying. i'll probably be in the lowest level class...

i'm doing the 4hr/day.

anyone joining the gym?

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