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I am planning to do my undergraduate studies in Shanghai, but I'm not 100% clear on how admission of international students works in most of the universities here.

For example East China Normal University doesn't even require applicants to take a test, they are happy with just a high school diploma and a transcript, does that mean they just take anyone that comes to apply before it's full?

Jiao Tong on the other hand requires you to take a test, but they also don't specify what decides one's admission.

My problem is just that I don't know if I should apply to multiple universities in case something goes wrong or do I just pay the application fee and have my admission guaranteed.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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What do you plan on studying?

I think for universities that don't require an entrance exam, you are practically guaranteed a place, providing you have the necessary credentials (HSK3 or HSK6 depending on subject, etc.).

For those with an exam, I think the exam is very easy to pass (the exam is not easy, but the pass mark is low), so your chances of getting accepted are still high.

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Computer Science. By the way do you know if they allow people to do 2 majors at once? I'd like to do business studies at the same time, but not sure if possible.

I'd like to study at Jiao Tong the most, which does require me to take an exam composed of maths, chemistry, physics and biology, looking at the information on their website I'm sure I can get 50-60% with some brief review, but I still have 5 months to prepare, so I want to make sure if I should aim to be as close to 100% as possible.

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Chinese students often do 2 majors at once. I guess it is possible technically, although I don't know of any foreign students who have done this.

By the way, I assume you know this, but undergraduates at Jiaotong University are based in their Minhang campus which is quite far from the centre of the city.

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Yes, I know that the location is very bad, but as far as I know JiaoTong is far superior in computer science compared to other universities, so I think it might be worth going there.

Or am I wrong? I always had that belief that JiaoTong was very good in computer science, but now that I actually thought about it again I don't know where that came from :-).

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