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Tailors in Harbin


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Hi everyone,

I have the idea that I would like a bespoke overcoat. Since tailoring is ridiculously expensive in the west, and since the largest part of that expense comes from labour, I am guessing chinese tailors should be (hopefully a lot) more affordable.

So my question is: does anyone here ave any information whatsoever on tailors in Harbin? This sounds like a fun little language learning project, if nothing else, and I don't have any huge expactations regarding the final product.

Best regards,


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That takes me back - way back when me and a colleague were a bit bored one Saturday lunchtime in Harbin, we went to get suits made. Chose the cheapest material, haggled rudely with the tailors and ended up with two very cheap looking suits. Think we strutted around town for an afternoon in them and I certainly never wore mine again - carted it around through a few moves, but never wore it. They had these daft shoulder pads in so that if you tried to raise your arm it'd jam up against your ear. That was the best part of ten years ago now though.

Try the 服装城 and surrounding area - http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/25744580.html

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Fuzhuangcheng is a good cheap place. I always get my Chinese dresses (qipao) made there, cos mum knows what's what and who's who. But if you want a more decent looking outfit, try the bigger department stores' tailors. They are a lot more expensive though. I remember Zhongyangshangcheng used to have a good tailor, but that was years ago. Not sure they are still there.


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Yes, you should be able to get a suit made to measure for relatively cheap. I had some done in Dalian, although it was about 5 years ago, and if I remember right, cost about 450 yuan with two pairs of trousers each. Also, the quality of mine are pretty good. In fact, they are the only suits I use now (which isn't very often, admittedly).

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