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Native-Speaker Interview Partner for Chinese Class Project?

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My name is Rachel, I'm a sophomore at the University of Alabama, and I'm currently enrolled in a Chinese 201 class. I am in need of a native Mandarin speaker – preferably a young adult/university student studying abroad in the United States – who can be pestered for a moment with my brief survey and let me know if my grammar is awkward. I have listed the questions below; they may seem kind of silly, but it's part of a class assignment. They may also seem kind of redundant, but that's probably just my terrible grammar. Also, do not feel that your response should be limited to the subjects mentioned in the questions - anything you have to say is welcome! If you would like to answer but are uncomfortable responding in the forum, please feel free to message or e-mail me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon!

  1. 你的中文名字是什么?
  2. 你的名字有意义吗?
  3. 你的生日是几月几号? (or, for privacy's sake, “你今年多大?”)
  4. 你来美国多长时间了吗? (if you are currently living in the U.S.)
  5. 你从哪儿来的?
  6. 你的爱好是什么?
  7. 你觉得美国菜得怎么样?
  8. 你的偏爱菜是什么?
  9. 你会一种乐器吗?
  10. 你唱过卡拉OK了吗?
  11. 你的志愿生涯是什么?
  12. 你学习英文多长时间了吗?
  13. 你觉得中国年轻人跟美国年轻人一样不一样? 怎么样?
  14. 你认为中国文化和美国文化会教训彼此吗? 怎么样?
  15. (if you are currently a university student) 你学习什么? (or “你的主修是什么?”)
  16. 你觉得中国大学跟美国大学一样不一样? 怎么样?

Some questions about “favorites” - answer as many or as few as you like:

  1. 你最喜欢本书是什么?
  2. 你最喜欢部电影是什么?
  3. 你最喜欢场体育是什么?
  4. 你最喜欢哪个种音乐吗?
  5. 你最喜欢群乐队是谁?
  6. 你最喜欢位艺人是谁?
  7. 你最喜欢位运动员是谁?
  8. 你最喜欢位作家是谁?

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