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Hip trendy expensive clubs in Beijing

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I am going to be arranging nighttime entertainment for a group of Americans in October in Beijing and Shanghai - I already have a good idea of where to go in Shanghai (Guandi or Park 97) - but the times I've been out in Beijing have been to much more laid back and down to earth bars and pubs.

Which is not what I'm looking for - I'd like to find one or two really happening night spots in Beijing, my budget is pretty high (I can probably spend up to $5,000 US for the entire night) so don't worry if the drink prices are around 100 RMB per drink or something, but I need a place with hot women, a good DJ (preferably hip hop, but not 100% necessary) and close enough to the center of town that it's within a 20 minute cab ride (we're going to be staying on Chang'An Dajie).

Any suggestions? (cross posted on TT NEA)

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Golly, you got me there. All I can think of is Vics at the north gate of Worker's Stadium in Chaoyang. I went there once but it was 2 years ago, however the women were definitely hot and the music was hip hop. I didn't buy any drinks so I can't help you with that detail.

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hey tskillet, these are some of the places which i think might be what you're looking for. All are places I've been to myself and can vouch for. Personally I'd say the top two are real gems of a find in Beijing.

CLOUD NINE - Very swanky bar/club on two floors, plush red interiors with sofa/courtyard style private rooms surrounding the main floor. Music varies nightly but weekends are always good (and packed - reservations might be an idea) - anything from smooth bossanova to hiphop, all live. Drinks on the pricey side, start around 40RMB. Also very good for groups - if you buy a certain amount in drinks (think its 600 RMB on weekends) the booth reservation is free.

Address: Its in Sanlitun, off the main (north) Jiuba Jie. Walk north up Jiuba Jie from the direction of Gong Ti Bei Lu, past most of the bars, then turn left onto the little alleyway that has a sign for the Monkey Tree at its entrance (and a funny little sex 'cure' shop at the end). Straight down this alley, you'll see the Golden Elephant Thai restaurant at the end, take the curve towards the right and its a minute later on your right, up the red stairs. A bit of a search, but worth it. (010 6417 8318)

WORLD OF SUZIE WONG'S - I think this classy little joint may have other branches (one in SH?) based on the same idea - decadent 1920s Shanghai opium den. Booths/ rooms set apart from main floor, also large and popular outside deck area with outdoor bar. Drinks about the same price as C9. Very hip and yound crowd, table dancing on weekends, that sort of thing. Lots of beautiful young (Chinese) things. Music livelier than C9, and not live.

Address: opposite Chaoyang Gong Yuan Xi Men. On the second level, so keep an eye out for the tiny sign above street level.

BAR BLU - This place is new and I've only been once but they were very eager to please. Runs all along top two floors of a building, great roof terrace on top with views, etc. Lower floor very shiny and 'blu', booths/ alcoves and pool table in a corner room. Prices same as above, maybe a bit less.

Address: Building 43, Tongli studio, Sanlitun North Street. (010 6416 7567) Very near Cloud Nine, to get there you would turn left at the Golden Elephant instead of right.

OTHERS - For dancing, especially on weekends, LATINO'S is popular with expats looking for something other than the Vic's/ Mix house-techno range. All Latin music and drinks, DJs, dancers, teachers all from S America.

Address: Chaoyang Park South Gate Bar Street. (010 6507 9898) Large sign, can't miss it.

Also there's a place called CENTRO on the ground floor of the Kerry Centre, more a place for mellow drinks in nice surroundings I think.

Pick up a copy of That's Beijing (free in top hotels) and check out the newest clubs and bars in their listings - Beijing clubs tend to be at their best when they've just opened and people are still curious.

Hope this helps, nazia.

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Good tips everyone - I'll have to do some research on this. Apparently a friend of a friend knows the owner of Vic's so that's one that will be looked at closely - especially if I can get a discount. Thanks!

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