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Problems at Kaien language school


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Blog post from Chinesepod: http://blog.chinesepod.com/2009/12/17/clarification/

Questions: what kind of school is Kaien language school anyways, and what kind of problems are they having?

I found a bit of info after googling, but if this school is/was important, it might be beneficial to discuss it here.


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I have no details about this at all, but it's not surprising since the competition between English schools in Shanghai is very fierce. I've seen scuffles break out on the street between people trying to promote their respective schools.

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Kai'en was founded by Ken Carroll, who also founded Chinesepod - hence if Kaien's gone south I guess people might be asking if there's any consequences for Chinesepod, hence the post from them saying 'no'.

If anyone's interested they could check eslcafe.com and similar sites - no doubt there are some teachers telling all (that they know).

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So what about chinesepod then? It might be true that they are separate business entities, but if the people who disappeared were all in management positions at chinesepod, what's going on there? I mean as an occasional chinesepod user, I know the name Ken Carroll, he's one of the co-founders, as roddy said... In all honesty, the chinesepod blog post doesn't clear up much :conf

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Looks like they did not choose to publish my comment, or it didn't go through due to technical reasons :roll: Anyways a lively discussion is going on there now, with the CEO answering questions by worried users, so that should be fine.

EDIT: Ken Carroll has posted twice on this community thread: http://chinesepod.com/community/conversations/post/6386

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In that same thread, Jenny Zhu also writes that:

When Ken suddenly took off, it was a huge shock for all of us at ChinesePod and Praxis. We had no notice and have limited knowledge of what happened. We are not in a position to speak for Ken.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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Today is a new day and the media were eager to write new stuff about KaiEn:

Some relief for victims of KaiEn English fiasco as ChinesePod CEO downplays Ken Carroll's role (by the way you can read here: Jenny Zhu is Hank Horkoff's wife??? That's new.)

Stranded staff gets partial pay

And the discussions are going on @ ChinesePod where quite a lot of students have questions, opinions, doubts:

Where is Ken?

Official "Clarification"

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