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Errata for ABC C-E Dictionary

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If you own the original Desk or Pocket edition of the ABC C-E Dictionary, you might find the following corrections helpful (these are just things I've spotted myself - not sure if there's an official listing anywhere!):

pg 857: Kangxi (KX) radical 66 should have equivalent CASS numbers of 89 and 99 (checked by cross-referring to esp. pg 870); KX 84 meanwhile shouldn't be full-form (i.e. should have the 'rice' part removed).

pg 858: KX 177 needs to have CASS 179 as its equivalent (none is stated).

-ditto KX 178, which should have CASS 80 as its equivalent.

Following on from the above, the KX chart on pg 859 and in the endpapers needs its rad 84 altered; but furthermore, the CASS chart on pg 871 and in the endpapers needs to have its rad 80 altered from the incorrect 'book' (shu1) to wei2 (the simplified form of the 'leather' radical), and an enclosed alphanumeric 13 (i.e. circled number 13) added above the 'rat/mouse' radical (CASS 188 ).

Lastly, on pg 870, these CASS numbers should have the following KX equivalents instead (checked by cross-referring to esp. pp 856-858 ):

38 > 162

57 > 34

80 > 178

91 > 73

The reason I noticed the above errors is that I was making a two-way CASS < > KX radical conversion chart proper, that would show not only the numbers but also the actual forms of each set of radicals side by side (i.e. not just one or the other set's forms and/or just numbers, as in the ABC), and if I say so myself I did a pretty good and thorough job of the chart, so I think I've caught most if not all of the errors that are there in the appendical-indexical rear portion of the ABC. 8):mrgreen: But of course, if anyone knows of any more errors besides those listed above, do please add 'em to this thread! :)

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