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Life in the Spring and Autumn era


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Has anyone found any good sources for what life was like at the end of the Spring and Autumn era, when Confucius would have been around? I've found a number of sources about the history of the time, but I've been looking for something that would give me an idea of what people wore and ate, the organization of the government (i.e., how many minsters?), what weapons they used, that sort of thing.

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I've never heard of such a book. It would probably be difficult to write, because the Warring States period saw a great deal of states in what is now known as China. Presumably they would have differed in at least some aspects, although I'm not aware of any in-depth studies on that.

Michael Loewe wrote Everyday Life In Early Imperial China, but this book focuses on the Han dynasty. It might still be useful for you, though. If anyone knows of similar books describing life in the Warring States period, please do let us know, as I would be very interested to read them.

The book gato posted was likely written by Marvin Harris (哈里斯), a well-known anthropologist, but the list of his works I just consulted does not seem to feature anything on China. So I'm not sure what its English title would have been.

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The book that Gato posted listed the author as 纳撒尼尔·哈里斯, nor Nathaniel Harris, not Marvin. He seems to be attached to a series called "Everyday Life in..." for various place. I get the feeling that it's more of a Time/Life style book, not very in depth.

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