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So what's your favorite song to sing in the karaoke room?

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Well, I have an entire list for Karaoke purposes. (No longer in a physical notebook, but on a cell phone...ah technology, now my KTV options are always at my fingertips mwahaha) However, if I must pick JUST ONE, then I like to sing this song b/c I started listening to 齐秦 back in the 90s when I first started studying Chinese so I can sing it pretty well. I'm aware there are other versions, but 齐秦's is my favorite version.


火柴天堂 齐秦


But there are other songs depending on the mood & audience....

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开不了口 by 周杰伦


One of my favourite songs by Jay Chou and it is relatively simple.

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70s/80s nostalgic: 如果没有你 by 邓丽君; 你的眼神 by 蔡琴

hipsterish: 橄榄树 by 齐豫

'culture': 北京北京 by 汪峰 (not as cool now since 汪峰 turned into this laughing stock online)

sexy(?): 无底洞 by 蔡健雅


All are easy to sing well for all female voice types.

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Vivian Chow's Cantonese songs it would be A Long and Lasting Love and for Mandarin Zhiji even if it's duet. I also like Wang Lee Hom's Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi and Kiss Goodbye.

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Let's keep this topic alive!!

Love KTV, asked my Chinese teacher to teach me songs and vocab as a way to practice both reading and listening. so much fun. 

So far I've learned:




再见 - 张震岳

really short and easy, fun song


平凡之路 - 朴树

such a nice song... a bit too hard though!



like many here, love to sing 王力宏's songs... this is a good one, you can hone your screaming/singing skills in the KTV!



also a nice one from him.... 



also really nice song....  love the chorus


One Night in 北京 - 陳昇&劉佳慧

classic duet... even though the girl has to go for Beijing Opera style ;) so nice when it works!



So far this ones only... 

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