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First episode 70 : 爱情公寓 iPartment


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假冒归假冒 to pose as different people in a succession

The 归 here means something like "although".

吕步 I think that this is the nickname of 吕子乔

It is 呂布. You should take a look at the Romance of Three Kingdoms. He is a very strong man and lover/husband of 貂蟬, the beauty.

跟打了鸡血似的 like hitting bloodstone (??); like finding gold perhaps?

Perform very strongly as if having had an injection of chicken blood (something that is supposed to be good for one's health)


It is 早稻田.

禽流感 SARS

It is Avian Flu.

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Thanks for catching that, I did think it looked a bit odd :D

I don't know if google bridges the gap between Japanese kanji and Chinese hanzi like it does between traditional and simplified, so here are the characters used in Japanese (as it has been simplified):


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Wait, is Lv Ziqiao half Korean? I don't really see why they put that in since it's kind of irrelevant to everything that happens throughout the series.

Because many young people in China love korean pop culture and it is cool to be korean or half-korean.

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I have a problem. For episode 10 at12 min 06, how do you translate this sentence 我们走江湖的? Also Mei Jia and Zi QIao are saying four words about this afterwards, how do you translate them?

Thanks a lot.

Edited by pom45i
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Vocab for ep. 4. With shows like this, googling on 百度 is much more important than any dictionary:

杏仁糖 almond roca, a type of sweet

红枣 red date

水晶 crystal, pebble

小笼灌汤包 a type of steamed jiaozi, see http://www.meishij.net/china-food/xiaochi/henan/14908.html

皮蛋瘦肉粥 a type of rice porridge, see http://www.ttmeishi.com/CaiPu/a0e30a7ff681979e.htm

棉花糖 cotton candy, sometimes also toasted marshmallows

瓶颈 bottleneck, being stuck

方便面 instant noodles

损人不利己 harming others without benefit, see also 损人利己

康师傅 a very popular brand of instant noodles, see http://www.85183.com/BookPic/03/康师傅香菇炖鸡面.jpg

饼干 biscuit

署片 potato crisps/chips

淀山湖 Dianshan lake, a sweetwater lake near Shanghai

鲫鱼 a type of carpet

星座 constellation, refers to zodiac

抽象 abstract

具象 figurative (as in 具象设计)

周杰伦 Jay Chow, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Chow

粉丝 fan(s)

鄙视 despise

转折点 turning point

气度不凡 extraordinary presence

收视率 ratings (of TV/radio programmes)

制片人 producer

渊源 origin, source

评标 evaluation (in this case of a potential candidate)

促销 (sales) promotion

双人行 travel for two

柬埔寨 Cambodia

夏威夷 Hawaii

太平洋 the Pacific Ocean

怪兽 a strange beast, monster

场工 labourer, I think this is a synonym for 长工

软件 quality of personnel (usually: software, but not here)

川菜 Sichuan food

粤菜 Cantonese food


鱼饵 fish bait

蚯蚓 earthworm

沙发三件套 three-piece sofa set, see http://epaper.nddaily.com/E/html/2008-01/11/content_363558.htm

莫高窟 Mogao/Dunhuang Caves, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mogao_Caves

碳烤 coal grill?

八爪鱼 octopus, I think this is dialectal usage, I found it on Cantonese wikipedia, 章鱼 is the more common term

失态 lose control of oneself

投缘 congenial

王八蛋 bastard

肝癌晚期 late stage of liver cancer, I think

联谊会 fraternity, get-together

节哀 overcome one’s grief

拖欠 to not pay on time (salary, bills, etc.)

电费 electricity bill

智障 mentally retarded person

鱼尾纹 crow's feet, wrinkles

营救 rescue

粉红玛丽 I think it's some kind of fashion label, but I couldn't figure it out

卡 "cut!"

I actually remember eating Kang Shifu noodles on a hard sleeper train, and they rocked. That was a reference that even I caught! :clap

how do you translate this sentence:



放屁! 是肝胆相照

- We, the warriors of Jianghu live by a principle

- Stay out of trouble

- No, stand by your friends

走江湖的 refers to wuxia fighters roaming the Jianghu. Pick a translation that comes across without too much explanation. Maybe martial arts heroes or something

落袋为安 - I'm really not sure. I think it refers to staying out of harm's way

肝胆相照 = treat each other with sincerity; be devoted to each other

That's my best try anyway.

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杏仁糖 almond roca, a type of sweet

I think almond roca is a brand name? 杏仁糖 simply means almond candy.

署片 potato crisps/chips

a typo, should be 薯.

鲫鱼 a type of carpet

carpet? Isn't it a fish?

渊源 origin, source

I don't remember the scene, but this term usually refers to people knowing something / someone for a long time.


Pursuing something and refuse to give up despite failure and rejection.

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落袋为安 - I'm really not sure. I think it refers to staying out of harm's way

Not quite - it's used in financial dealings, to describe feeling secure (安)once the money has fallen(落) into your pocket(袋).

江湖's a pain in the neck to translate. To be honest I'd fudge it:

People like us need to stick to our principles

Yeah, in cash we trust!

No! standing by your friends.

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carpet? Isn't it a fish?

CARP, not carpet. I have no idea how that happened....:oops:

I don't remember the scene, but this term usually refers to people knowing something / someone for a long time.

Yes, this was the context. Thank you.

And thanks to roddy, 吕子乔 was counting money when he said it, so you're spot on.

And yeah, I'd leave 江湖 out of it, but maybe "noble warriors like us"? Most viewers will have a concept of an honourable kung fu fighter or a samurai or what not, and it will have much more flavour.

Edited by renzhe
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Episode 5 is really funny. 美嘉 is a riot.

Some funny word games in this one: 14250 = 要死了二百五

食品批发 food wholesale

杏仁 almond

核桃 walnut

瓜子 melon seeds

脆梅 a type of snack, I think it's dry fruit

林子 (spoken) woods

户名 username

走神 to be absent-minded, have one's mind wander

忌日 anniversary of the death of a parent or an esteemed person

差评 unfavourable assessment

莫名其妙 baffling, baffled

色鬼 sex maniac

铁 iron, I think it refers to a piece of metal

螺丝 screw

一见钟情 love at first sight

印度 India(n)

香熏 incense


花蜜 nectar

阿拉丁神灯 Aladdin's magic lamp


安室奈美惠 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namie_Amuro

名侦探柯南 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detective_Conan

机器猫 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doraemon

肉体接触 physical contact

休克 shock

心跳骤停 pulse suddenly stopped

奇葩 exotic flower, something very rare and valuable

变形金刚 Transformers

擎天柱 mainstay, a person who shoulders large responsibility

赛博坦星球 Cybertron, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybertron

绝版 out of print/production

加菲猫 Garfield

山寨机 a knock-off, an imitation

快递 express delivery

善解人意 considerate

翻来覆去 repeatedly

技术含量 technological content

神龙摆尾 refers either to an wuxia technique or a toy like this: http://www.cygoods.com/product-225.html

泡妞 pick up girls

淘宝 Taobao, a Chinese site similar to eBay

签名照片 signed photograph

二百五 fool, idiot

野猪 wild boar

破坏市场 market disruption

吊带裙 a type of dress, see http://pinpai.xooob.com/fzfssj/20086/313285.htm

拷贝 copy (of a negative or a computer file)

肚兜 something like this: http://好動網.tw/productdetail.php?link_code=32a1242204388

马桶圈 toilet seat

不咋地 ~ 不怎么样

顾客是上帝 the customer is in charge

奔放 bold and unrestrained

泡汤 to fall through (as in a failed plan)

二锅头 a strong, colourless liquor distilled from sorghum produced in China

土包子 (country) bumpkin

同归于尽 die together

拯救大兵雷恩 Saving Private Ryan

集结号 "Assembly", a recent Chinese war movie, see http://ent.sina.com.cn/f/m/jjh/index.shtml

谷子地 a character from the said movie

放弃阵地 abandon the battlefield?

印度飞饼 see http://www.chinabaike.com/article/39/food/2007/20071014585815.html

临床死亡 clinic death

I'd translate 一种名叫布尔加多花的植物 as a plant with many flowers called 布尔加, but I'm not sure

The 集结号 and 谷子地 part took me forever. Google Images is the best dictionary out there!

BTW, I found something that looks like the complete set of scripts:


I don't know if these are based on a book, or if the book is based on the series.

As far as I could see from a quick scan, it has most of the lines people speak, so it's like an extended transcript.

Is anybody finding these words useful?

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I think the line "Ladies and 鄉親們" is quite hilarious

I don't quite get this line. Can someone help?

I've watched the first couple episodes, and while it sort of makes my head spin because there's so much talking, I've quite enjoyed it. I mean, I tend to enjoy all the silly Taiwanese idol dramas, so it doesn't take much to please me, but I wanted to watch something Mainland as simplified subtitles are much, much easier for me, and I was glad to find something that wasn't all woe, sadness, and historical drama!!

I've only watched the first couple episodes, but I also thought Wanyu trying to order KFC was really funny.

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Here's stuff for episode 8, I'll go 6 and 7 when I get around to it.

困扰 to trouble

奥运会闭幕式 the Olympic games closing ceremony

盛况空前 an exceptionally grand occasion

伦敦八分钟 the 8 minutes London got to present the 2012 Olympics

...个球 = ...个屁 (curse) 球 refers to a part of the human anatomy

收视率 audience rating

漫画 manga, comics

爱好者 hobbyist

论坛 forum, here not an internet forum, but a real-life convention (for manga fans)

相得益彰 bring out the best in each other

人来疯 go crazy when surrounded by crowds

加菲猫 Garfield (the cat)

猕猴桃 kiwi

泡菜 kimchi

智商 IQ

双休日 two days off, weekend

白岩松 a famous CCTV host, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bai_Yansong

东方神起 TVXQ, a famous Korean boy-band, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TVXQ

内场前区 I think this is the area right in front of the stage

奥里奥饼 Oreo biscuit

份内 = 分内 one's job or duty

轮廓分明 very sharp facial structure

面庞 face

太后的玉玺 the Empress' seal

黄牛 ticket tout, people who sell tickets on the black market

见死不救 be impervious to other people's misfortunes or disasters

庆幸 rejoice

沼泽地 marshland

裁缝店 tailor shop

护发素 hair conditioner

去屑配方 anti-dandruff

头屑去无踪 头发更出众 "make dandruff disappear, and your hair stand out", commercial slogan for Head&Shoulders

芥末 wasabi

三鹿 a milk brand infamous for the milk scandal

三氯 triclosan, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triclosan

奶粉 milk powder

强尼 johnny?

辛巴 Simba

神户 Kobe (city in Japan)

羊癫疯 epilepsy

缘分 fate

蜜桃派 peach pie

猪柳蛋汉堡 bacon&egg burger, see http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4bcb0cd70100071f.html

泡饭 soak cooked rice in soup or water

酱瓜 pickled cucumbers

没门儿 "No Way Jose!"

外交谴责 diplomatic note?

韩剧 Korean TV shows

冬季恋歌 Korean TV series, see http://data.ent.sina.com.cn/tv/1093.html

大长今 Korean TV series, see http://ent.sina.com.cn/f/dacj/index.shtml

韩国烧烤 Korean-style barbecue

点击率 percentage of clicks on a webpage (as used to assess adverts)

强壮 strong

憋气 to feel suffocated, but I think that here it refers to the puppy holding its breath

完整 complete

仙人球 ball cactus

美臀操 aerobics for a pretty ass

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