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First episode 70 : 爱情公寓 iPartment


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Episode 9.

尿床 to wet the bed

如玉有约 a TV show hosted by 如玉

相好 to be close, to be lovers

才华 talent

章小怡 probably refers to 章子怡

奥迪 Audi

期待 anticipate, anticipation

拉风 cool, attractive

敞篷车 convertible

夏利 a cheap Chinese car brand, see http://www.tjfaw.com/

N年 N years, a number of years

在下 (humble) me

腥气 fishy smell, it's a pun on 星气 = demeanour of a star

腔调 tone of voice, accent

高架 overhead, elevated roads one sees in Shanghai, see http://newhouse.sh.soufun.com/html/subjectsNew/neihuan050407/tupian.jpg

狭隘 narrow, narrow-minded

处女 virgin

中环 middle ring, a road in Shanghai

在线 online

交友 to make friends

混熟 to get along well

合不来 to not get along well

冰释前嫌 to forget past grudges

世上无难事 只怕有心人 nothing's difficult as long as one has heart. The pun is(新), meaning as long as there's a noob

驾校 driving school

开除 expel

擅长 to be skilled

土豆网 Todou, a streaming website

吉普车 Jeep

吐痰 spit

大罗 Ronaldo

小罗 Ronaldinho

吃红牌 red card

耐克 Nike

生平 one's (whole) life

宣泄 get something off one's chest

报幕的 an announcer who gets to introduce the next act

型男 fashionable man

雪弗兰 Chevrolet

旺盛 thriving

跨栏 hurdles (athletic discipline)

高尔夫球 golf

播报 to broadcast

即时路况信息 traffic information

报料 scandal, newsworthy event

打气筒 air pump

柔道协会 Judo club

教练 coach, trainer

直播 live broadcast

直升机 helicopter

小S Dee Hsu, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/徐熙娣

大S Barbie Hsu, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/徐熙媛

金刚 King Kong

大厦 skyscraper

长白山 Baekdu Mountain / Changbai Shan, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baekdu_Mountain

北海道 Hokkaido, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hokkaidō

无名指 ring finger

目测 estimate (distance) with naked eye

故障 fault

气色 complexion

滑板 skateboard

拉丁语 Latin (language)

沙丁鱼 sardine

拉斐尔 Raphael, the painter, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raffaello

忍者神龟 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

西藏 Tibet

骄阳 blazing sun

GPS导航仪 GPS navigation system

阿拉 I/me (Shanghainese)

伐 question particle similar to 吗 (Shanghainese)

牙医 dentistry

午后红茶 afternoon tea

微波炉 microwave oven

雪橇 sled

毕福剑 Bi Fujian, a famous TV host, see http://media.people.com.cn/GB/64901/69704/index.html

NG = Not good = 不好

非我莫属 belong exclusively to me

替补 substitute

呼啦圈 hula-hoop

无冤无仇 (wuxia jargon) no animosity (between us)

兄台 (wuxia jargon) honourable brother

和蔼 affable, friendly

斜眼狮子 "cross-eyed lion", the Judo trainer's Jianghu name


Episode 10 coming tomorrow.

Edited by renzhe
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腔调 air-conditioning

a typo, should be 空調.


the phrase is used to tell people that they are wrong.

即时路况信息 traffic information

How do you translate 即時? Real-time? Immediate?

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Oops, actually, it is 腔调 = tone of voice, accent.The context, as far as I remember, was Zeng Xiaoxian fancying himself a bit of a TV star.

I was just too tired when going through the list, and the air conditioning was also mentioned in the show.... :-(

How do you translate 即時? Real-time? Immediate?

Live traffic information, or real-time traffic information.

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Episode 10.

痘痘 acne (N.B. 水痘 means smallpox)

保龄球 bowling

嫌累 to become tired of something

体会 to come to understand, understanding

一丢丢 = 一点点

领先 to lead

金城武 actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeshi_Kaneshiro

吴彦祖 actor Daniel Wu, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Wu

眼睛片厚到可以防弹 eyeglasses so thick that they can stop a bullet

过敏 allergy

陆毅 actor Lu Yi, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lu_Yi_(actor)

炫耀 to show off

锦旗 silk banner (an award)

白痴 idiot

寿司 sushi

破产 to go bankrupt

紫菜 seaweed used in sushi

职场失意 情场得意 lose gambling luck, find luck in love

肾结石 kidney stone

乱伦 incest

默哀 to stand in silent tribute

气质 disposition

长相 features

冒充 to pass (something) off as something else

90后 generation born after 1990

绰绰有余 more than enough

万人迷 an incredibly attractive, trendy, and downright cool woman, man, or thing


摇滚 rock and roll

朋克 punk

非主流 non-mainstream

露脐装 clothese that exposes the belly-button

便当 (from Jap. bento) lunch-box

在场 to be present

罗曼蒂克 romantic

肉麻 sickening

基金 fund (pun is 鸡精 = chicken bouillon, chicken stock)

施舍 alms, handout, charity

武士道 bushido, warrior's code of honour

切腹 seppuku, harakiri

奥特曼 Ultraman, an obscure Japanese superhero, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraman

落袋为安 when the money drops into the pocket, you're safe

肝胆相照 help your friends in time of need

兜裆布 loin cloth

时来运转 have a change of luck

翻盘 to have your luck change (from bad to good)

林青霞 Brigitte Lin, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigitte_Lin

比基尼模特 bikini model

秀外慧中 beautiful and intelligent

风靡 very popular (pun on 蜂蜜 = honey)

暗藏杀机 (pun: 杀鸡 = kill chicken)

红桃 heart (card suit)

黒桃 spade

草花 club

方片 diamond

万紫千红 blaze of colour

一枝独秀 stand out from the rest

炸弹 bomb

法宝 magic wand

消防局 fire brigade

喷水 spray water (e.g. to put out a fire)

跳槽 change jobs

程序 program, as in computer program

嫁入豪门 to marry into a powerful family

奔放 bold and unrestrained

丰盛 rich

大怪 = 大鬼 joker (card)

QQ = Cherry QQ, a tiny Chinese car, see http://www.diytrade.com/china/4/products/4642938/Spare_Parts_of_Chery_QQ_car.html

宝马745 = BMW 745

周润发 Chow Yun Fat, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chow_Yun_Fat

赌神 movie "God of Gamblers", see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_of_Gamblers

失魂落魄 driven to distraction

情敌 love rival

控诉 denounce

奥斯卡 Oscar (movie award)

斗地主 (card game) Land, see http://www.chinagames.net/chinagames/2008-11/12/content_492733.htm

华丽 gorgeous

逆转 take a turn for the worse

繁华地段 a busy area of a city

腹肌 abdominal muscles

刑事拘留 criminal detention or custody

末班车 last bus

合理 rational, logical

海龟 a Chinese person who studied/lived abroad and returned to China

硕士 Master's degree

人造人 android, artificial human

自摸 win by one’s own draw, but also means masturbation

冬眠 hibernation

侵略 invade

扯谈 = 胡说八道, talk nonsense

偷袭 sneak attack, surprise raid

山本五十六 the Japanese general who attacked Pearl Harbor, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isoroku_Yamamoto

珍珠港 Pearl Harbor

蠢货 idiot

通气 ventilate, keep in touch (with friends)

芳心暗许 a girl's heart secretly belongs to somebody

I'm not sure about 哈妹型, but I suspect that it has something to do with 哈韩哈日 girls.

Edited by renzhe
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Episode 11:

有奖竞猜 guessing contest (with prizes)

过奖 "you're too kind", a polite reply to a compliment

电波 electromagnetic waves, ether

公益 public welfare

黄金时段 = 黄金档 = prime time

群发 to send (a message) to many recipients at the same time

短消息 = 短信 = SMS

广撒网多捞鱼 throw one's nets far, so you can catch many fish

事故 accident

夺命女魔头 refers to some kind of killer girl villain, e.g. from wuxia novels, like 李莫愁 or 梅超风

洪兴十三妹 the gangster character in this movie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland_Street_Blues

用指甲刮黑板 scratch the blackboard with one's nails

街坊 neighbour

调整 adjust, modify

零蛋 (spoken) number zero

工资表 income statement

林志玲 Lin Chi-ling, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lin_Chi-ling

历程 course

变态 abnormal

共襄盛举 celebrate together (??)

名记 famous journalist, pun is 名妓 = famous prostitute

风云人物 influential person

普利策奖 Pulitzer prize

轮胎 tyre

国家地理杂志 National Geographic Magazine

自由落体 free fall

加速度 acceleration

离心力 centrifugal force

不胫而走 spread like wildfire

花圈 (floral) wreath, given at funerals

花篮 flower basket

劳拉 Laura

叙旧 talk about the old days

趁此机会 use this opportunity

直觉 instinct

劈腿 spread legs

草莓奶昔 strawberry milkshake

男人装 Chinese version of FHM, he calls is 装男人 = pretending to be a man

中法混血 French-Chinese mixed-blood

古铜色皮肤 bronze-coloured skin

坦桑尼亚 Tanzania

皇室血统 royal bloodline

卡塔尔 Qatar

冥钞 paper made to resemble bank notes and burned for the dead

狂躁 rash and impatient

心理承受能力 mental strength

一概而论 to lump things together

沾花惹草 promiscuous

潇洒 natural and unaffected

非盈利 non-profit

慈善 charitable

重启系统 reboot the system

重塑外形 remodel the shape

终结者 Terminator

施瓦辛格 Schwarzenegger

专注 concentrated on

忐忑 disturbed, ill-at-ease

万吨巨轮 10-tonne ship, a huge ship

讲稿 transcript, draft of a speech

默契 tacit agreement

泰坦尼克 Titanic

沉 to sink

沦陷 to be occupied

千年人参 thousand year ginseng, a cure for all diseases

暴殄天物 a reckless waste of the products of nature

马赛克 mosaic

狗屎运 to get really lucky, hit the jackpot

饥渴 hungry and thirsty, desperate

王力宏 Lee Hom Wang, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Hom_Wang

巨龙巨龙你擦亮眼 lyrics from a song, 巨龙 refers to China

巨龙巨龙你差两年 what 关谷 actually sings

蝗虫 grasshopper

蜈蚣 centipede

蚂蚱 locust, but I think it's not the same as what we understand under "locust"

环猪格格 = a pun on 还珠格格, a famous series with 赵薇

小燕子 the character from the said show, 关谷 reads it as 小鸭子

邱少云 Qiu Shaoyun, a famous soldier from the Korean war, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/邱少云

紫薇 another character from 环猪格格

嫔妃 emperor's concubine

伏特加 vodka

威士忌 whisky

痱子粉 a product similar to talcum powder

胀气 bad gas

专栏作家 columnist

碧空 blue skies

白云 white clouds

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Ep. 12

GRE / 阿姨 GRE is, of course http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graduate_Record_Examination, 阿姨 is what the guy hears

托福 TOEFL, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toefl

誓死追随 swear to death to follow (somebody)

情人节 Valentine's day

恐惧症 phobia

备胎 spare tyre, also a backup (here a backup for a Valentine's day partner)

人中龙凤 a very outstanding person

一表人才 somebody of outstanding appearance and temperament.

眼屎 gum (in the eyes)

情人眼里出西施 the loved one appears to be the most beautiful, 西施 is Xi shi, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Shi

巴勒斯坦 Palestine

悍马 Hummer

图勒凯尔姆 Tulkarm city in Palestine, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulkarm

穿越 pass through

卡尔吉利耶 Qalqilya, a city in Palestine, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qalqilyah

纳布卢斯 Nablus, another city in Palestine, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nablus

萨尔菲特 Salfit, another city http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salfit

安然无恙 safe and sound; (escape) unscathed

生育 give birth to

历险 adventure, to experience hardship.

整节车厢 the entire (railway) car

午夜凶铃 Ringu, the Japanese horror movie

摩洛哥 Morocco

卡萨布兰卡 Casablanca

(the music playing while they are expressing condolences in the bar is funeral music)

威廉 William

有百利而无一害 to have every advantage, and no disadvantages

脚踏几条船 = variation of 脚踏两条船, means to have one's feet on two boats, be a two-timer

铁锁连舟 如履平地 boats tightly tied down, like walking on solid ground

绿毛龟 green turtle

未雨绸缪 repair the house before it rains, take precautions

幸灾乐祸 gloat at others’ misfortunes, schadenfreude

防患于未然 to be prepared, just in case

两面三刀 double-dealing; double cross

吃里扒外 = 吃里爬外 double-cross

阳奉阴违 pretend to obey orders

声东击西 decoy tactics

言行不一 the deeds do not match the words

两肋插刀 especially loyal to friends

荷兰豆 snow pea

保罗 Paul

油炸 deep-fried

结巴 to stutter, someone who stutters

Q cute

戒掉 to quit (a habit)

豆汁儿 a fermented drink made from ground beans

摧枯拉朽 with incredible ease

还有一个连 -> 连 is a company (of troops)

她开卡车啊她 -> is she driving a truck (because she needs so many spare tyres)

单眼皮小眼睛 single-edged eyelid, small eyes

艾伦 Alan

打酱油 just buying soy sauce...

自强不息 constantly strive to become stronger

戳轮胎 to cut a tyre (in this case it's the spare tyre)

托尼 Tony

梦寐以求 to want something to the point of dreaming about it

人生苦短 life is short and miserable

及时行乐 enjoy life while ye may

今朝有酒今朝醉 if there is booze today, then get drunk today -- seize the opportunity

人心不足蛇吞象 greedy (heart is not satisfied like a snake trying to swallow an elephant)

路见不平,拔刀相助 to immediately come to someone's rescue if encountering injustice

穷鬼 poor bastard

抓阄儿 draw lots

门卫 security guard

暴力 violent

萨拉波娃 Maria Sharapova

阿尔巴尼亚 Albania

阿尔及利亚 Algeria

罗纳尔多 Ronaldo

齐丹 Zidane

阿里巴巴 Alibaba

乔丹 Jordan

联合国 United Nations

你还是去买根黄瓜吧 it's better if you go and buy a cucumber -- I'll let you figure this one out on your own

喜马拉雅山 Himalaya

阿尔卑斯山 the Alps

阿迪达斯 Adidas

大宝 a Chinese clothing brand

Ep. 13

头版头条 headline

八周刊头 the headline of gossip magazines, 八 is short for 八卦, 周刊 is a weekly, 头 is headline

湿吻 / 干吻 wet kiss / dry kiss

很黄很暴力 pornographic and violent

狗急跳墙 to do something because the situation is dire

真情爆发 to do something because true feelings suddenly surfaced

狗鸡跳墙 dog and chicken jumped the wall together (关谷 is being funny again)

杀手锏 One's trump card

一帘幽梦 Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain, a romance film and novel by Chiung Yao http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiung_Yao

烟锁重楼 another Taiwanese series based on Chiung Yao

情深深雨蒙蒙 yet another one, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_in_the_Rain

当局者迷, usually a part of 旁观者清,当局者迷 = you get a clearer view of things if you are not involved

挡我者死 if you stand in my way, you will die -- it's not a chengyu, it's 关谷 being funny again

潜意识 the subconscious

女圣斗士 a character from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Seiya

狮子座 Leo (zodiac sign)

逃得了和尚 逃不了庙 even if the monk can escape, the monastery cannot -- we know where to find him

梅花三弄 another Chiung Yao novel, see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/梅花三弄_(小說)

越南 Vietnam

河内 Hanoi

诡异 strange

DV = video format, refers to a camcorder

视频自拍 video of oneself

和服 kimono

艺妓回忆录 Memoirs of a Geisha

厕纸 toilet paper

雷人 to shock somebody

褴褛 shabby

拂晓 dawn

骨灰 ashes of a person

张国荣 Leslie Cheung, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Cheung

苟延残喘 be on one's last legs; linger on in a steadily worsening condition

登陆 login

流窜 go on the run

回归 return

喧嚣 noisy, to cause an uproar

九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou, a county in Sichuan province, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiuzhaigou_County

原始森林 indigenous forest

流连忘返 enjoy oneself so much that one forgets to go home

一览无遗 take in everything at a glance

灶台 the top of a kitchen range

牙签 toothpick

含蓄 be full of

造谣 start a rumour

兔子不吃窝边草 rabbit doesn't eat grass next to his nest = you shouldn't go after your friend's lover

天使的脸蛋 face of an angel

魔鬼的身材 body of a devil

前凸后翘 -> describes the chest and behind, you'll figure it out

呼之欲出 to be vividly portrayed

临渊羡鱼不如退而结网 it's better to go home and fetch the net than to stand next to the river and admire the fish

猫腻 cunning plot; underhand act

先天缺憾 to miss a skill or ability since birth

明智 sensible

纪录 notes, record

鸦片战争 the opium wars

欣赏 admire

表白 to confess one's feelings to somebody

PK to have a contest (comes from "player kill" in online play)

胡萝卜 carrot

葫芦娃 a character from 葫芦兄弟, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calabash_Brothers

人造革 fake leather

恶性事件 a vicious crime

胡汉三 a character from the comic "Sparkling Red Star", see http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/閃閃的紅星

自讨苦吃 ask for trouble; bring trouble upon oneself

有夫之妇 married woman

夹克 jacket

偷袭 sneak attack

虚伪 hypocritical

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Thanks for the corrections/additional information, as always.

Ep. 14

鸡翅 chicken wing

鸡腿 chicken leg

山寨机 a cheap knockoff device

外行 amateur

拒绝者 the refuser 巨色者 someone with enormous lust

吧台 the bar

关之琳 Rosamund Kwan, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosamund_Kwan

蔡依琳 Jolin Tsai, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolin_Tsai

陈松伶 Nadia Chan, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadia_Chan

翁美玲 Barbara Yung, famous for playing 黄蓉 in the 1980s, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Yung

陈慧琳 Kelly Chen, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly_Chen

110 emergency police number

按捺不住 cannot control (or contain) oneself

孤男寡女 a man and a woman alone in a room

天干物燥 dry day, things are flammable (not a chengyu)

擦枪走火 gun fires by accidentally while you're cleaning it

一米八七 = 关谷's height

捉弄 to play with someone, tease

浑身发热 start feeling hot all over

撕成碎片 to tear something into many pieces

失落小白兔 lost little white bunny, an online name of some girl

邂逅 meet by chance

搭讪 strike up a conversation with somebody

尾随 to tail somebody

办证 to receive a certificate of some sort

荒唐 absurd, preposterous

综合变异体 a hybrid of two different animals

单挑 1vs1 play in online games, something like PK, or "deathmatch" in English

套餐 package, set menu

精神寄托 spiritual sustenance

哥斯拉 Godzilla

蜥蜴 lizard

猜拳 rock-paper-scissors

胡扯 to talk nonsense

轮渡 ferry

长途汽车 long-distance bus

繁殖 to breed, to reproduce

谜团 doubts and suspicions, puzzle

风靡 popular

三叉神经 trigeminal nerve

青出于蓝 (而胜于蓝) the student surpasses the teacher

作评判 to be the judge (in a dispute)

配料 ingredients in a cooking recipe, to add/mix these ingredients

上窜下跳 run around on sinister errands

抓耳挠腮 scratch one’s head (sign of anxiety or delight)

人海茫茫 vast sea of people

牵涉 involve

登录密码 log-in password

玉米田里的神奇符号 crop circles

国家安全局 Ministry of State Security

删除 delete

切记 to keep in mind

网络健康管理条例 regulations for internet health, that censorship regulation

调酒 to mix drinks, like cocktails (调酒师 is the person who mixes cocktails)

黑衣人 Man in Black

漱口 to rinse one's mouth

干扰 to disturb, to interfere

没有胜算 to be without a chance (??)

赖皮 shameless, unreasonable

埋地雷 to lay landmines

胜负已分 the winner has already been determined

僵局 stalemate

品鉴 to appraise

拉屎 to crap

毛孔 pore

怪兽 monster

里程碑 milestone, landmark

派对 = party

不够格 not qualified, lacking qualifications

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OMG, episode 15 is hysterical! The Beijing Opera rendition of "Pirates of the Caribbean" is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

Watch it, now!!!

街道 a city block

居委会 = 居民委员会 = local residents' council, they organise events for the local community etc.

慈禧太后 Empress Dowager Cixi, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empress_Dowager_Cixi

颐和园 Summer Palace, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_palace

加勒比海盗 Pirates of the Caribbean

市场需求 market demand

智取威虎山 Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taking_Tiger_Mountain_by_Strategy

霸王别姬 Farewell My Concubine, the opera, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farewell_My_Concubine_(play)

花心大萝卜 a big playboy

这不 isn't this....?

流星 meteor, shooting star

物以类聚 人以群分 birds of a feather flock together

脑子进水 is there something wrong with you?! (did water flow into your brain)

辣妹 hot girl

献爱心 show compassion, show sympathy

见利忘义 lose virtue at the sight of profit

重色轻友 value passion more than friends

忽悠 to jerk sb around

满足私欲 ego-trip (??)

禽兽不如 worse than a beast

罪该万死 be guilty of a crime for which one deserves to die ten thousand deaths

土鳖 ground beetle

士可杀不可辱 a true scholar prefers death to humiliation

天有不测风云 something unexpected can always happen

大姨妈 -> euphemism for a woman's period

敬业 be committed to one’s work

阿娘 mother

会员制party = members-only party

睡袍总动员 = pyjama mobilisation

炫耀 show-off

内涵 connotation

极品 highest grade, best quality

失败是成功之母 failure is the mother of success

相约星期六 a blind date show in China, see http://date.smgbb.cn/saturday/v2/

杰克史帕罗 Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean

黑珍珠 his ship

桃花运 a man's luck in love affairs

赛半仙 better than a half-immortal, a compliment

过时 out of fashion

只许州官放火,不许百姓点灯 allow the court officials to burn things down, don't let regular people light a lamp, injustice

自燃 spontaneously combust

疱疹 herpes

必胜客 Pizza Hut

孬种 coward

西伯利亚 Siberia

灯红酒绿 red lanterns and green wine—feasting and revelry

朱门酒肉臭,路有冻死骨 behind the red doors meat and wine go to waste while out on the road lie the bones of the frozen

摇头摆尾 Describes people with an assuming air of complacency or levity.

搔首弄姿 stroke one's hair in coquetry

糜烂 rotten to the core

混乱 chaotic

卑鄙无耻 base and shameless

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Great work as always, Renzhe.

Up to episode 10 of this, really enjoying it. Despite looking incredibly dumb, it's one of the smarter shows available. I'd actually pitch this over 奋斗 for anyone looking for a modern, youth-orientated show - at least this knows it's unrealistic and doesn't even try to pretend the characters do a days work. Maybe harder to understand though, with all the references?

I'm loving some of the incidental characters as well - Lisa is great, and the Sichuan lass in the traffic jam was golden. And 关谷‘s 随便 date in the cold open for ep.10 was fantastic - I can't have been the only one who knew exactly how he felt.

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This is considerably more difficult than 奋斗. I'd rank it as upper intermediate because you can follow the story and get the gist if you're intermediate, but it is only FUNNY if you're advanced and can follow all the references (or are willing to look them up).

Seriously, I had modest expectations after the first episode, but I'm convinced. It has the same problems as most sitcoms: cheap jokes, toilet humour, the occasional lack of ideas, etc. But it still packs enough genuinely funny jokes that it's a lot of fun to watch. And these tend to be word games, clever references, surreal situations, etc, not slapstick. Some of the episodes (15, for example) are pure comedic gold.

I also liked the Sichuan lass. It's always tricky to make fun of accents, but that scene was really funny without coming across as offensive. I'm also glad that 关谷 is not just there so people can laugh at the accented foreigner, but that his accent/language is used to introduce funny jokes. He actually has a personality, and it's a good one, as you learn in later episodes.

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Ep. 16

索尼 Sony

浇花 to water flowers

公分 centimetre

百事可乐 Pepsi Cola

无所不包 all-inclusive

八卦消息 latest gossip

艳照 amorous photo

豪华跑车 luxurious racing car

内幕丑闻 scandal behind the scenes

涵盖 to contain, to cover

情有可原 forgivable

玛瑙 agate

兔女郎 bunny girl, sexy girl, google it...

露馅儿 to give the game away

穿帮 to be exposed (a trick)

鼻祖 originator

大仲马 Alexandre Dumas

小仲马 Alexandre Dumas jr.

斩获 Achievements gained after hard struggle

莫斯科 Moscow

大冢爱 Otsuka Ai, the Japanese singer, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otsuka_Ai

打捞 salvage

甘地 Gandhi

干巴巴 completely dry

黄昏恋 Twilight love, falling in love at an elderly age

老当益壮 old but vigorous

老而弥坚 oldie but goodie

老奸巨滑 sly old devil


爱斯基摩人 Eskimo

网球拍 tennis racquet

菲德勒 Roger Federer

轮椅 wheelchair

近朱者赤 近墨者黑 good people's company makes you good, bad people's company makes you bad. Roughly

大家闺秀 a girl from a good family

喀秋莎 Katyusha

礼仪 etiquette

风范 style, demeanour

绵薄之意 used when giving a present ("just a small gift")

笑纳 kindly accept (this gift)

乡巴佬 (country) bumpkin

空头支票 bad cheque

伊丽莎白 Elisabeth

胡诌 fabricate wild tales

丝袜 silk stockings

彩信 MMS, multimedia messaging

仪表不凡 extraordinary appearance (usually for men)

发扬光大 develop, enhance

阿根廷 Argentina

鸡尾酒 cocktail (drink)

暗淡无光 either a darm and gloomy situation, or a plain person

抬举 to favour

拉韧带 to pull a ligament

飞利浦 Philips, the company

刮毛器 electric shaver

吹口哨 whistle

生命的律动 life rhythm

搭配 to combine, to pair up

亮色系 light-coloured (fashion)

皮带 (leather) belt

预测 predict, forecast

刘海 fringe (of hair)

卡地亚 Cartier

色拉 salad (also 沙拉)

欧盟 European Union

冰岛 Iceland

牧师 priest

狗熊 coward

备课 prepare a lesson

带子 tape (cassette, video)

脚丫子 foot

镜头 camera lens, shot

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Ep. 17

不在状态 to have an off day, not be in the right frame of mind (e.g. when playing a sport)

面试 interview

野外生存俱乐部 wilderness survival club

绊脚石 stumbling block

天蝎座 Scorpio (zodiac sign)

守护星 I believe that this refers to the following Manga: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrector_Yui

冥王星 Pluto (the former planet)

取缔 to ban

食谱 cookbook, recipe

双鱼 Pisces (zodiac sign)

狮子 Leo (zodiac sign), also means a regular lion

隐私 privacy, private matters

打滚 to roll around (on the ground)

骂街 to shout abuse, to curse loudly

慷慨陈词 Express one's opinions with great passion.

检讨 self-criticism

精辟 penetrating

初中生 elementary/middle-school pupil

燕窝 edible bird's nest

千年人参 thousand-year ginseng, universal cure

润肠通便 food or medicine with a laxative effect

日本料理 Japanese cuisine

绝技 expertise

照烧 teriyaki

银鳕鱼 = 银鳕 sablefish

当众 publicly

略知七八 to only know 70-80%, not an expert

金枪鱼 tuna

榨汁机 blender, juicer

肤浅 superficial


利息 interest (financial)

滞纳金 fine for belated payment

所得税 income tax

二垒 second base (in baseball)

博客 blog

救市 government bailout (of a market)

核辐射 nuclear radiation

挥棒 swing (a bat)

紫水晶 amethyst

天体运行轨迹 trajectories/orbits of celestial bodies

恐龙 dinosaur

纯真 pure

公的 male (animal)

公元 A.D.

本垒 home base (baseball)

酸奶 yoghurt, but can also refer to other similar products like sour milk

柚汁牛排 beef steak in pomelo juice

核桃 walnut

生菜 lettuce

腰果 cashew

木瓜 papaya

莲子 lotus seed

红枣 red date

不同凡响 outstanding

梁静茹 Fish Leong, Malaysian singer, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_Leong

天涯何处无芳草 万紫千红总是春 "there are other fish in the sea"

青山依旧在 几度夕阳红 not sure, see the whole poem here: http://wenda.tianya.cn/wenda/thread?tid=04e3aa5aed2594d2

九十六度 96% (refers to vodka)

太背了 so unlucky (背 means unlucky here)

讨债 demand the payment of a debt or loan

青龙会 a gang, for 青龙 see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qing_Long

弹尽粮绝 run out of ammunition and provisions

四面楚歌 find oneself under fire from all quarters


梦游 sleepwalk, to dream of travelling

匹诺曹 Pinocchio

求生不得 求死不能 describes a very dire situation

西天 Western Heaven (ancient Buddhist term for India, reference to Journey to the West)

取经 go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, learn from experience of others

魔鬼藏在细节之中 the devil is in the details

完美无缺 perfect, without a flaw

懈怠 slack; sluggish

鞋带 shoelace

出人意料 exceeding all expectations

千岛酱 Thousand Ilands dressing

味淋 a traditional Japanese seasoning, see http://www.kokonoe.co.jp/chinese/about.html

汤匙 soup spoon

砂糖 granulated sugar

东字淡口豉油 a type of cooking oil, see http://www.hkiin.com/index.php?app=goods&spec_id=8513

昆布 kelp

木鱼花 a dish, see http://baike.baidu.com/view/1409469.htm

咒语 spell (as in magic)

走夜路 to walk in the dark

蝴蝶结 butterfly knot

飞蛾 moth

批评 criticise

一流 first class, highest level

味蕾 taste buds

美中不足 a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing

食草动物 herbivore

复读机 voice recorder

祖传的食谱 traditional family recipe

傣族 Dai ethnic group

炮灰 cannon fodder

恐怖袭击 terrorist attack

诺曼底 Normandy

Edited by renzhe
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Episode 18:

高雅艺术 fine arts

琼瑶剧 drama filmed after a Qiong Yao novel

人体模特 body model

巴黎圣母院 Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris

互动剧 interactive (theatre) performance

华尔街之死 Death of Wall Street

次贷风险 subprime lending risk

股票崩盘 stock market collapse

银行坏帐 bad account

消费呆滞 consumption lag

金融危机 financial crisis

泼冷水 to pour cold water -- to dampen one's enthusiasm

素质 character

笃定 sure, certain

在边疆站岗放哨 to stand guard at the frontier and sound the alarm

鸟巢体育场 the Bird's Nest, the Olympic stadium

张艺谋 Zhang Yimou, the director: see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/张艺谋

热泪盈眶 eyes brimming with tears

空手道 Karate-do

打劫的 robber, looter

概率 probability


变态色魔 sexual pervert, someone with abnorma lust

祖宗 ancestors


回馈 feedback, opinions

不测 accident, something unexpected

非礼 sexual assault on a woman

启齿 to start talking (about something)

凝固 solidify

搏击 to fight (with someone)

碰巧 by chance

攒竹穴 a pressure point located at the inner end of one's eyebrow

折腾 to cause trouble

心动不如行动 action is better than desire

淋湿 soaked

泰拳 Muay Thai

罗汉拳 Arhat boxing, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luohan_(martial_arts)

螳螂拳 Praying Mantis boxing

巍峨 mountainous, towering

庐山 Mount Lu in Jiangxi province, China

披着羊皮的狼 / 藏在羊皮底下的狼 wolf in sheep's clothing

怄气 to be annoyed

擎天柱之死 Death of Optimus Prime (of Transformers fame)

嘀咕 whisper

重音 accent, stress


孙悟空 Sun Wukong, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_west

猪八戒 Zhu Bajie, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_west

唐僧 Xuanzang monk, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_west

推理 inference, reasoning

车尾灯 taillight

青梅竹马 green plums and a bamboo horse; a man and a woman who had an innocent affection for each other in childhood

鹦鹉 parrot

计划生育 birth control

曾志伟 Eric Tsang, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeng_Zhiwei

张信哲 Jeff Chang, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Chang

矜持 reserved

歌舞 singing and dancing

The remaining four are coming, I have most of it annotated.

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