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This topic is rather old but I figured I'd share a little more information on this topic. Recently I decided to Google 防城区客家 ( Fangcheng District Hakka Chinese) and I found a very interesting article on Ngai Wa. It includes everything from its phonology to its geographical spread. It even includes an explanation to where the Ngai in Ngai Wa comes from. I am not very proficient in written Chinese yet so I cant read it very well so I hope and would be very thankful if someone on this board can elaborate on it a little more.http://baike.baidu.com/view/1907566.htm

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My family are "ngai yin" (ngai people). My parents are from south vietnam. In the late 80s, they went to america. We lived in the 626 area for the longest time. I would stumble upon a few ngai speakers but most are in their 50s and beyond. I am one of those lucky few who can still speak ngai very well. I am currently in my late 20s. :)

I am able to speak ngai, cantonese and a bit vietnamese. Pretty amazing; most ngai people from vietnam can speak ngai, cantonese and vietnamese fluently. Sometimes even mandarin. 

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Hi everyone, I am currently working on a Master's thesis project on the topic of Ngai living in the West. I would be extremely grateful if anyone with a Ngai background living, or have lived, in a Western country could take the time to complete a survey in order to gather more information on Ngai experiences in the West due to the limited available sources. 


If you are interested, here is the link for more information: https://sites.google.com/view/ngai-ethnicity-survey-website/ 


Thank you!

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