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Wang Yao

Does anyone know where to download Chinese fonts for free?

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Wang Yao

Hey there everyone,

Yet another question, this one related to Chinese fonts. I like doing graphic design in my spare time, and I am looking at making some Chinese banners and posters (just for fun, none of these are going to be published or anything). I am wondering if anyone knows a site with free Chinese fonts available for download?

Particular kinds of fonts I'm looking for are either from the Kai family or miscellaneous. I am looking for interesting, funky kinds of fonts.. I'm not sure of the extent of styles available in Chinese, so if I'm blabbering on about stuff that makes no sense, please tell me.

But yeah, I'm looking for something like:

- A bubbly, fun font

- A handwritten/cursive Chinese font

- Ancient/Classical Chinese font (this could be in a number of forms)

- really.. majestic looking? Something like Kaiti but maybe more swooping/expressive?

Simplified fonts are preferred, but Traditional will work as well.

Thanks again for the help in advance~ ^_^

-W. Yao.

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Wang Yao

Thank you so much! ^_^ I've already found quite a few cool looking ones from those links (I had actually found a few of those before while looking on Google, but for some reason I couldn't get them to install properly - I just tried again now, though, and they're working just fine!).


(Also, to the mod who translated the title of this, thank you - I'll write English titles from here on out. My bad. XD)

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Seeing as these discussion boards allow for "search VeryCD" advice, I don't think I'd get in trouble if I say search sj00.com.

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Jan Finster


I wonder if anyone of you knows, which fonts they use for NPCR or Integrated Chinese for the Chinese texts?


I have been learning Chinese exclusively online and I struggle quite a bit with those fonts that more resemble handwritten Chinese. Are there any such fonts available for free so I can convert my online texts to this font and practice?

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