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Tsinghua University Fall/Autumn 2010


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Hey guys!

I'm not sure if this is a bit early, but I figured I could start the fall 2010 thread. For anyone applying, here's what I've found out about the application status:

1. apply at www.studyattsinghua.info/snaims and hit submit

2. 1-3 days later, it will say 'verified' if you put all your information in correctly, and then you print it and send all the documents (listed on the FSAO and the printed version of the verified application)

3. USPS flat rate costed me around $13.40, and it took 7-10 days

4. my application is now "completed"

being probably way too impatient, i called to ask if completed means accepted :mrgreen:, however, she kindly explained that they will not begin reviewing applications until LATE MAY. :cry:

so for all of you hopefuls, we can at least start meeting each other here. Tsinghua is beautiful, campus is super convenient, food was cheap, my beloved arcade was close by, classes rigorous, teachers kind. I can't wait to get back..

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Hey man,

Glad you started this up. I just got off the phone with them wondering if they will post a notice on the website if we got accepted or not--just as a heads up--prior to the acceptance letters. Apparently they won't. I guess we'll have to wait until June. The lady assured me that I should get accepted though. I guess that goes for everyone that applied. Anyways, fingers crossed. I'd hate to take a leave of absence from school to find out I got rejected. haha

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I've put Tsinghua as my first choice for the Chinese Government Scholarship. Should know mid-may if I've been accepted or not. Kind of paranoid that the application got lost in the mail...as one always is.

I've got big plans for China! If anyone is up for exploring the alternative scene together (art squats, psytrance etc - it does exist apparently!) and maybe setting something up together like a club decoration collective PM me! ;)

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For the "person to act on your behalf in China" line, is it okay if I leave it blank?

yup, in fact, they put someone to act for me! :

14. 在华事务联系人或机构

Person or Agency to Act on Your Behalf in China 章燕

(i'm not attaching the phone number for this poor guy/girls' privacy.)

Kind of paranoid that the application got lost in the mail...as one always is.

had you seen the poorly written address and note inside my letter, you might have felt better about your own package. i scribbled something to the effect of "xue hanyu de bang gong shi" on the front, and "nin hao, wo lai tsinghua de shihou hui gei ninmem shenqing de fei" on the inside. not only did it arrive, they wrote:

The review comment from the staff verifying the application.

We have received your application documents without application fee. please pay it when you arrived at Tsinghua University .

as far as when the semester starts... sorry, i don't have the exact dates. it'll either start Aug. 30th or Sept. 6th, either way you'll have to come a few days before that for classes registration, testing, etc. the monday would typically be orientation and the tuesday then being when classes begin.

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Hey guys!

What courses have you applied to? I just got accepted into a MID Master degree in Tsinghua so if you guys ended up going to Tsinghua in September it'll be great to start something social!

@ peiruo - do you know start date for fall semester?

I think I saw somewhere that Summer break ends on Aug 22, so uni starts on Mon Aug 23? But don't quote me on this - I'm asking my Tsinghua correspondant and let you know when I have it confirmed. But Sep is so soon anyways!

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Jenmia, if you could get the start dates, that would be great. But are the MID start dates and Chinese programs different?

If anyone needs to make a call:

Chinese Language Programs

Tel: +86-10-62784621, 62771142

Email: [email protected]

both numbers rang for me, but no answer the first time. the second time someone answered the first number, a woman who spoke a little bit of English. Well, a decent amount of English save for some of those prepositions- IMO no one likes those in any language. didn't stop me from understanding her.

I highly suggest the phrase: "nin hui bu hui shuo yingyu?" can you speak english?

followed by "wo shuo zhongwen shuo de bu hao" my mandarin sucks

but not with out starting with "nin hao, wo shenqing xue hanyu" hello, i'm applying to study chinese

well, perhaps those are bad translations both ways, but it got me to where i needed to be: using English.

I will call Tsinghua later this week for the start dates if Jenmia's correspondent doesn't correspond. :lol:

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Thanks for all your help bunny87! So I printed out and photocopied all my documents. This might be a really dumb question but I can't seem to find the address to send all the documents to :oops:.

Is this it?

Foreign Student Affairs Office, Tsinghua University.

Beijing 100084, P.R.China

It seems a bit short!

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not a dumb question at all,i think the website was pretty dumb for being so vague about it. however, yes, that is the address. When I mailed it out, however, i wrote it as:

Chinese Language Program

Foreign Student Affairs Office

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084






北京 100084


however, i think even if you put the short version you did, it will be directed as soon as they open and see your application to the FSAO. I'm pretty sure you don't need the Chinese version, but i felt more secure sending a copy of my passport in something that shouldn't be misunderstood. They probably laughed at my terrible hanzi writing capabilities and already signed me up for the most basic class.:wink:

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Yay! Thanks for opening this thread up bunny87 - hey your status also sounds like an unofficial yet official acceptance :)

I was going to ring them but frankly when it's their daytime I'm fast asleep so that would be a no-no unless it's the weekend (not a work day....) So late May? Ok - I've waited about 5 years to go to China, I guess I can wait another month or so!

Can't wait to go - and I'm really glad there are others coming in Autumn 2010; thought I was the only one a while back.


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Hi there, nice to see there's a thread about Tsinghua University. I'm also hoping to go study Chinese there in September and I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Actually, I sent my application which has now a status of 'Complete', however I haven't received any documents (letter of invitation, etc.) from them yet. Have you any of you received them yet? In general, do you know after how long they usually send them?

I'd like to start applying for my Chinese visa as soon as possible as I foresee it's not going to be easy :D

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I'm David. I'm from Great Britain. Where is everyone else from?

I have just started my application so this thread has been really handy :lol:

Did any one write a personal statement with their application? Also I've heard that you can leave out the application fee and pay it on arrival?? Is it true?

Also does anyone know if we can study some other courses on the language programme taught in English, such as Chinese politics etc?

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Welcome to the thread prenticd, laurent2222, and ScarlettWan.

I'm from Miami, ill be going for the chinese language program as well. Yes, it apparently is entirely possible to not pay the application fee until you get there. I didn't, following the advice of another thread, I put in writing something to the effect of:




[my mysterious real name]


I am applying to study Chinese. When I arrive at Tsinghua University, I will give you the application fee.

Thank you,

[my mysterious real name]"

As stated before, i'm sure they saw the bad grammar and characters and signed me up for the beginner level. I'll give them a heart attack when they see I have more than that up my sleeve 8)


if you look a little earlier, the completed status simply means they will actually consider your application when they start the selection process in late may. An incomplete status means your stuff goes to the trash. only after reviewing AND being selected will they dish out the visa application forms. that ought to take some weeks to arrive. Xiamen U told me i'll get mine in about 40 (business) days. Patience is the only way,


your spelling of 'programme' gave you away :) didn't know there was a personal statement to attach if it's just for studying the language. Are you degree seeking? If not, then it's not necessary, but ism sure it would help. The only 'courses' i know you'll be able to take is that slow and rhythmic kungfu looking stuff (i forgot the name! don't hang me!) that they all practice at like 5am. it's not a class of the university though... i assume higher language level students might be able to select electives to hone in their vocab in, such as culture or politics.

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So I thought (since I'm far too impatient to wait for all the admin stuff to come through the post) I ought to at least brush up on my Chinese. Went into my mum's garage and found my old Intermediate level Chinese books and notes from uni (waaaay back when) and realised....I've forgotten EVERYTHING!!

I'm going to have to seriously wade through and re-learn all my vocab and grammar stuff before going cos I think we'll be doing placement tests right? *sigh* my brain feels frazzled.

@ David *waves from Cambridge* I'm a fellow UKer as well! Chinese politics sounds really interesting but murky - I'm having enough trouble figuring out who to vote for this week let alone....er....just the one party you er...sort of have to vote for in China....

@ bunny87 - I think it's called Tai Chi! (ps. excellent Jet Li movie out called 'Tai Chi Master' which is all about how Tai Chi which looks deceptively like it's for grannies, is actually filled with killer kung fu moves....) I'm hoping to take up calligraphy or some sort of painting.

oh and in other news, do you reckon the uni has a choir I could join? Glee club anyone?


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Hey everyone...its labour day in China..so they have a 10 day holiday...nothing is going to get processed till its over....and on top of that my tutor has been extremely unhelpful with information about when we find out if we've been accepted/visa's/terms dates..basically everything =.= Anyone started applying for visa's yet?..and the compulsory fully body checkup...does anyone have any idea which one we need to take? (apparently theres a few to choose from :S)

p.s....I'm from the UK too ^^

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