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Tsinghua University Fall/Autumn 2010


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@Nazreal, calif90071 and 4leaf: Hope the problems for you will be fixed soon. I woke up just a bit before 9am as I'm in the same timezone as Beijing, and it turned out okay. Less than 20 seconds on the site, then I was done. I just checked the site now and all the rooms seem to be "full" as you can't pick any of the choices. :( Weird. When I signed up, AB Double and Single was available. For some reason, Double wasn't.

It will probably be fixed soon, but no immediate worries as we're given a few days to register online. It being the first day and all, there could be site glitches and the like. Best of luck with that! If after a few days it still won't work properly, an email to them is best. :)

And oh, me and my friends will be going to go to the Chinese Embassy in a few hours to get our visas. Hope everything works out well. *crossfingers* 4 weeks to go till Beijing!

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Website still not working, just applied via email.

I'm arriving on the 29th Aug, which is still a long time before registration, planning on moving into the dorms on 1st Sep and living it up in the Shangri-La until then. If the dorms don't pan out will probably rent somewhere - constant running hot water and fewer rules wouldn't be such a bad thing!

Anyone catch the article in the Sunday Times magazine about BBC's emmigrating out there? Was an interesting read (can't find a link to it online though).

Might scan it in tomorrow for y'all. Only a few more days of work and finito :)

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Bad news :o

I emailed [email protected] when I couldn't log on to reserve a room on Tuesday and they just emailed back saying ALL the rooms have been reserved and unless there's a cancellation we won't have a place!

I don't know if this applies to the online rego (I'm still going to check EVERYDAY) but meanwhile I can't just 'wait' for a space to become available - I'll become too stressed!

So, meanwhile, anyone interested in sharing an apartment/looking for one together?

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Hey all,

I logged into the dorm reservation website right at 9 o'clock Beijing time on 8/3 and was able to request a single room for my room choice. My status now says: "Your room application result is Single room(Unconfirmed)(2010-9-2)". I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be confirmed and will keep checking for any changes. The admission packet says to wait until 8/16-8/18 to confirm, which unfortunately doesn't give us much time to find other accommodations if it doesn't go through...

I'd be interested in checking out a place off campus as well with whoever else might be interested if the dorms don't work out, which actually could be pretty fun. I'll keep you guys posted.

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this thread looks like it has some answers:


After freaking out when the Tsinghua reservation system showed 'fully booked', I've done a fair bit of reading on accom in Wudaokou, and it looks like its a much better option (cheaper at least) to find an apartment outside of the uni dorms. At least that way I can have guests stay over too!

My plan is to now stay at a hostel for the first week or so and do some house hunting outside of class. If anyone else is interested, I'm more than happy to join forces - more the merrier!

looking forward to starting the semester soon!

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Oh I'm so glad it's not just me...

Perhaps I should have stayed up until 2am but I'm not at home right now so totally not convenient - 9am UK time was the best I could do. Anyhoos, I rang up the Tsinghua dorms office today and the uni accommodation is FULLY booked :(

This means I'm totally up for finding a place with people on the forum. I haven't looked at other threads yet but am hoping to get something which is either equal to the price of a single room or cheaper cos not sure I can afford more than £300/$650 per month excluding bills... (I really can handle not living a life of luxury hehe apart from my only requirement is a clean bathroom O_O!!)

I'm arriving on 31st Aug - also going to check myself into a hostel or hotel - whichever really and then hopefully some of us who are looking for a place should meet up and get a place :) Wotcha reckon people?

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mm, I have the same problem. Got the email saying that everything is full as well. Maybe Tsinghua has a lot of exchange students this year filling up all dorms.

Anyway, i think i'm opting for an apt somewhere around the uni. I think it is much cheaper to have a couple of people sharing 1 apt, so.. If anyone's up for that....

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The article I referred to above is here: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/Magazine/Features/article352143.ece

(If you don't have a spare quid I've attached it here too :) )

Sunday Times - The Long March Home.pdf

Turns out the people in the article are friends of friends and I'll probably be meeting some of them out there, just getting some (english speaking) estate agent contacts that they have now.

@Naz, LMB and Jenmia - I'm up for sharing, is there a way of PMing on this site?


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Hey guys,

seems like I have the same problem with the dorm, so I am definitely in for looking for something around Wudaokou in the same or lower price range. However, I am arriving on Friday night, Sep 3. If anyone else is in the same situation and also interested, as LMB put it, join us, the more the merrier.

I have no idea what the options are around the campus. Does anyone know, if there is a website we could use or find some offers???

Just drop me an email (should be available somewhere..) and we can discuss details and stuff...


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My tutor sent me a site to search for hotels you china elong.com ..the prices are very reasonable, but its up to you to search how far it is from the university...i remember someone posting a link to a hotel near the univsity beforehand, but i can't find it >< Anyone found anywhere?

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Hmm, Im not sure if I should start up a different thread for accom issues - if so, I'm sorry!

As an example of what is on offer for accom within Wudaokou - take a peek at beijinger.com classifieds. at least this gives you an idea of what to expect.

Plenty of 1brs for around 3500 - this looks like a going rate for a nice place. So thats abou 115 per night, a bit pricier than the 80 per night dorm option.

As an example of a group house - http://www.thebeijinger.com/classifieds/2010/08/03/wudaokou-yichengdongyuan-4-b-r-8500rmb-tsinghua-university

this is a 4br for 8500, which works out to be 70 per person per night based on 4 people. So thats cheaper than the dorm rate! It all depends on whether you'd want to live with 3 others really. On the plus side, you've got an instant study group!

I'd be interested in a 3/4br option, but I'd probably prefer to arrange all this in Beijing when I arrive - start of september - at least that way I can get a feel of what is really available

(Also any potential housemates can decide whether they'd really want to share with me! haha)

hope this helps

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Given that there's going to be people from all the Wudaokou universities looking for accommodation at the moment, it might be worth starting a new topic. You've probably only got Tsinghua people looking in here.

PM is turned off by default for new members, but I am keeping an eye on the topic and trying to turn it on for new folk as soon as possible. However as far as possible keep discussion in public so you get more responses, and more people can benefit.*

*and we get more content to attract visitors and advertisers, broo-ha-ha-ha

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Yeh beijinger is a really good place to look for accomm, I contacted one re a 2 bedroom apartment in Wudaokou and I'm seriously considering that if I don't get a dorm.

A word of advice: I was told never book anything online, always ask to inspect the place before agreeing to anything, so as soon as I arrive at Beijing I'll be visiting apartments. Fun.

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I don't know if this helps but my cousin told me that there's this nice apartment complex near TsingHua, it's called Hua Qing. You can see it on the map given with the other documents (it's on the lower right portion of the map). She said that there are lots of foreigners staying there so it's something to consider.

Also, the cousin of a friend of mine who is going to TsingHua as well, went to Beijing a few weeks ago to check out the dorms and the apartments around the area. If I'm not mistaken, she was able to get an apartment at Hua Qing, but the price is higher than the daily cost at the dorm. I think the landlord raised the price a little as my friends are only staying for one semester.

And I agree, thebeijinger.com has loads of choices for apartments though someone told me that you have to be careful as some pictures are deceiving, so you really have to check them out before you rent one. Also, check the appliances as some of them only look new.

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@ everyone looking for an apartment!

I'm up for a 3/4 bedroom share (LMB the one you found looks really nice!) and I agree with Jenmia that it would be much safer and better to actually inspect places once we've arrived before handing any money over.

I'm a little ocd about some stuff like electrical appliances, costs of heating, water, electricity, what happens when the light bulb goes bust (typical stuff you have to think about in the UK!), council tax (does China have this?!) etc etc. (Gosh, I hope this doesn't put anyone off living with me haha!)cos you know, safety and that.

But yeh, it would be good to get an idea of things now, bring pics/contacts/addresses etc over to Beijing, see if we even get on with each other haha ^_^ and then scout out apartments.

Perhaps we should PM each other email addresses and start an email group going?

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