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L visa to X is it possible ?


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I am planing to study Chinese in Shanghai from early june of 2010 to july of 2011, but to take information about universities' condations and Chinese programmes is so hard, because they dont respond by mail. Fot this reason ı would like to visit universities to apply as personally.

Could ı apply any university for over 1 year Chinese education with L visa and change my visa status from L to X ?

hope anyone can help me about this matter...

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Yes. The school can handle changing your L (tourist) visa to an X (student) visa for you. It requires a physical exam, some photos, and some money. The length of the visa may not be exactly what you want.

Lots of threads about doing that on this forum.

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I have contact with a university last day and asked them the same question. Their reply was negative. according to them till this year changing any visa status to X visa for international students was possible but after that the role is not avaliable to change visa status.

it is true or not ı am really in wonder ?

are you sure that it is possible ?

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To be honest you may have to travel out of the country (to Hong Kong) to do this, but, this is cheap and relatively easy. You don't say what nationality you are? This can make a huge difference.

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L to X visa - is the option that almost all universities are offering to their students. After your arrival you should pass through a medical check as soon as possible. The results you can get after 1 week. After that the university can help you to apply for a X visa. This is the only way how you can convert L to X visa in China.

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firstly sorry for my English.


My situation is this:  I did not get CI schoolarship but at the Yunnan Normal University they told me it is still OK to apply and be selffunding student. So I payed application fee and get without problem accepted to this University. Now they told me to buy plane ticket to Kunming and apply for L - tourist visa and after my arival will be change to X visa. 


Problem is what to do to get L visa? I have got plate ticket to China, insurance for 30 days, pass porf and all that stuff. I do NOT have plane ticket from China, and Invitation letter OR tour plan with my plan where I will go and where i will live and with hotel booking. 


So my question is should I call Czech embassy and ask - or rather not and make some booking and buy plane ticket and make up some tour plan for few days ?? 

Invitation letter would be the best oprtion but now they are not replying eventhoug we are chatting on Weechat - maybe have hollydays or something like this. 


Any help will be very great! Thank you very much all of you :) 

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