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Computer Game / Video Game / Mmorpg Terms?

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Wang Yao

Hey guys,

I'm curious to know if anyone knows any popular video game / computer game / MMORPG vocabulary(/jargon) in Chinese. I was trying to put up a status regarding my progress in a game I just bought recently, and realized I didn't really know the proper words for things like "level", "platform", "stage", "zone", etc. (The game is Super Mario Galaxy 2.)

I sorted out the name (超级马里奥银河2) on my own, and then tried to say something along the lines of "Currently: On World 4, Level 2". I ended up with "至今进步:第四世界,第二级上."

I began to wonder if "级" was the right word for this kind of level (I usually associate 级 as something like a school/grade level, or some kind of MMO term (eg. 第67级的人物 level 67 character). Would something like 水平 or just 平 work better for this kind of video-game/platforming level?

Additionally, what would the words be for terms such as "enemy", "boss", "objective" be? Can anyone elaborate on other terms that may be useful in describing some sort of experience / progress / description of a level in a video game?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. My Chinese skill is not high enough for me to feel confident accurately searching for this kind of material on Google or Baidu yet... >_< So I have to ask here.

Thanks everyone for their help! (in advance) =P



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On 5/28/2010 at 7:46 PM, Wang Yao said:

I'm curious to know if anyone knows any popular video game / computer game / MMORPG vocabulary(/jargon) in Chinese.


@Wang Yao, if you're still around waiting for answers after 8 years, congratulations for your patience. Here is an article with some online gaming slang that you and others  may find useful.


Slang for Noobs
The chatter of the online gaming community has become part of popular Chinese culture
03·07·2018 Sun Jiahui (孙佳慧)


As I'm not a gamer, I have no idea how useful expressions like this may be, but they're quite entertaining. They might even be useful in other contexts:



It’s not a godlike opponent I’m afraid of, but a pig-like teammate.
Bú pà shén yíyàng de duìshǒu, jiù pà zhū yíyàng de duìyǒu.



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