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I am looking at applying for a job to teach in Lushun and am hoping someone can tell me a bit more about there.

I read in some older topics about part of if being restricted to foreigners - I am assuming this is the Lushun outside of Dalian? I am wondering, is this still true?

Thanks for the help


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I don't know if this still is the case or not, but it certainly was 6 years ago, when I was in Dalian.

It's a stupid rule really. They can only catch you if you look foreign. Some of my foreign colleagues went there, got caught by the police, and were fined. The Filippino guy amongst them didn't get caught. I think the police are most likely just to use the rule as an excuse to get some money out of foreigners.

Anyway, if the company is legitimately allowed to employ foreigners, then I guess having the right to be in Lushun goes with the job.

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If we are all talking about the same Lushun, then this interesting article sheds a little light on why the area is "forbidden": sensitivity born of historical experience. Whether the "ban" continues to make sense or not is another question.


And it also provides a ray of hope for the OP's pursuit of a teaching job.

Another article on Lushun (looks to be more recent than the above), which at the end suggests:

"A tip:

As an important military port in China, Lushun is not completely open to foreign tourists. Foreign tourists are required to obtain special permission from the local Lushun Police Bureau for entry to Lushun in advance of their visit, otherwise they will be refused."


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I don't know the place, but I did live and work in a totally restricted area for two years back in the 1990s. I was surrounded by China's main nuclear arsenal. I had permission to stay there (I was the only foreigner in the city) but it was almost impossible to receive guests. Even Chinese people had trouble. 

I now glow in the dark. 

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