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The first Korean drama I watched was 星星在我心. Then I watched 爱上女主播 and many others during the past few years. However ,it's only after watching 饼干老师星星糖 and 浪漫满屋 recently that I got hooked on Korean series and their OSTs.

The next series that I want to watch are:



Has anyone here watched 这该死的爱 ? How was it?

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I think all of them looked fine even when they were young.

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My favourite Korean dramas are "My Name is Kim Sam Soon", "My Girl" and "Full House". The best dramas ever :mrgreen:

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in Turkey ı am watching "Emperor of the Sea" it is wonderfull :mrgreen:

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Japan finally has a First Lady after being without one during Koizumi's tenure. The wife of new prime minister Shinzo Abe, Akie, is an enthusiastic fan of Korean soap operas. Pretty good looking First Lady.


When Shinzo Abe, who was elected president of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Wednesday, becomes prime minister in the next session of the Diet on Sept. 26, Japan will have a first lady for the first time in five years and five months. After outgoing Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s wife left him in 1982, he never remarried. The long spell without a first lady has perhaps increased the attention now being paid to 44-year-old Akie Abe.

Abe is known to be an avid Korean soap opera fan, being especially fond of actor Park Yong-ha. In diplomatic circles, some already speculate that having an advocate close to the leader can only boost the esteem in which Korea is held in Tokyo and thus warm icy Korea-Japan relations. That is not only due to her strong predilection for the pop culture flowing off the peninsula. Like Hillary Clinton, she is a stalwart who never lets her husband get too far ahead of her.


Akie Abe is known to be an avid Korean Wave fan, and in keeping with her stature is a heroine with a big heart. But unlike her husband, who never lets alcohol cross his lips, Akie Abe is fond of a drop and is known for throwing parties and attending gatherings, building the human network for her husband.

Akie Abe is the oldest daughter of Akio Matsuzaki, the former president of Japan‘s leading confectioner Morinaga & Co, and a graduate of the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo. She worked for a time at the country’s no. 1 advertising firm Dentsu and in 1987 married Shinzo Abe. Around the same time, Abe’s elder brother Hironobu Abe married a daughter of the president of Ushio Denki, a major Japanese firm, giving rise to talk that the marriage was politically motivated. In the 1990s, Akie Abe worked as a FM Radio DJ in her husband's hometown of Shimonoseki.

With this background, her reach extends into the cultural world. For her husband's birthday, she threw a feast and invited figures from the art world and celebrities and introduced them to her husband. She has taken an interest in Shimonoseki local government and attended gatherings for families of people kidnapped by North Korea.

She reportedly enjoyed the drama "Winter Sonata" that kicked off the Korean Wave, and her husband has said many times in public and private that his wife is a big fan of its stars Bae Yong-joon and Park Yong-ha. When Bae was in Tokyo, she reportedly asked her husband to book into the same hotel where the winsome Korean actor was staying so that she might be able to see Bae in person. In September 2004, when the couple visited Korea, they met Park Yong-ha and received a signed album as a gift. Japan’s future first lady is taking Korean classes once a week and reportedly make simple conversation.






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