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Chinese bathrooms vs. Western bathrooms


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1) Western bathrooms usually have a combination of ceramic tile and laminate while Chinese prefer ceramic tile both in the bathroom and on the outside of buildings.

2) Chinese bathrooms often have squat toilets while Westerners (especially Americans) like to read magazines and newspapers in the bathroom, so they prefer sit-down toilets.

3) Squat toilets in Chinese bathrooms sometimes serve as drains for the shower while Westerners usually stand in a bathtub to take a shower.

4) Sinks in Chinese bathrooms are 1-2 inches lower and the reflection in the lower mirror sometimes cuts off the top of your head.

5) ...forum contributors, please continue...

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I’d like to add that I find Chinese plumbing very interesting sometimes. In one flat I lived in the toilet would flush boiling hot water sometimes. The first time I flushed on a cold winter’s morning and the bathroom filled with steam was a bit disconcerting. Currently, when I turn the hot tap on in the kitchen, the shower starts in the bathroom. This can be a bit annoying, but on the plus side it’s great fun when you have visitors – ‘Can I use your bathroom?’ – ‘Sure, I’ll just wash these cups. . .’

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