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Nanjing Eating And Shopping


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I have found one useful site that seems to accurately describe the basics of Nanjing ( http://www.echinacities.com/cityguide/nanjing/Index.aspx ) look at the bottom-right section for several good links.

The most useful thing guide however was a PDF I found on a study-abroad site ( http://www.yisa-china.org/resources/pdf/nanjingguide2007.pdf ) that has a ton of good information.

XinJieKou seems to be the main downtown area. I saw a Starbucks, Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonalds on my first visit all within a few feet. My last city only had 1 KFC, so this is a bit exciting. My cup of large black Starbucks coffee was 21 RMB. I also got a chocolate brownie for 20 rmb that tasted just like my Mom made it.

Zhujiang Road is a huge computer market. (near XinJieKou, has a metro stop)

Matai Jie (is supposed to be good for snacks and dvds in the evening, maybe I'll go check that out tonight) Anyone been there? Where is it?


Best Chinese version Map: http://map.vbgood.com/China_city_map_collection/nanjing.GIF (this map is clear, but it shows the old Nanjing city wall, which is something i want to visit and get some pics of, I saw it from a Taxi and it was impressive)

Nanjing English version and Metro Map: http://www.johomaps.com/as/china/jiangsu/nanjing/nanjingmetro.html

this map seems useful because it labels the stops and they seem to correspond nicely with shopping areas. I'm gonna check it out.

If anyone needs a really good dentist who speaks English in Nanjing or his partner who I guess in Shanghai, this guy is awesome, speaks English (studied dentistry in America) and his prices are very reasonable.



One foreign Expat site-- I haven't looked at it.


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Thanks so much for posting this! I'll be studying aborad there for a year at Nanjing University and I'm glad to hear the city is so lively. However, I really want to try and get the Chinese experience and try to stay away from a lot of the foreigner hotspots, do you have any reccommendations of local eateries or shopping places that the local frequent?

Thanks again ;)

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It's China, the whole of China is full of authentic Chinese food. :) Anywhere outside the downtown and You won't even be able to find any western food except maybe a random KFC. For shopping head to "Xinjiejkou" it is a crossroads that extends several blocks in every direction that is full of malls.

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Nanjingexpat.com and the nanjing expat magazine are good things to try a pickup.

There is a email newsletter that they send out with events.

Around Nanjing university and Nanjing normal are a bunch of small nice restaurants on hankou lu and Shanghai lu that serve good dishes, some small bars as well give in a yangshuo student hangout vibe.

There are a bunch of live music bars around that are good to check out and have good time in. JIDi 77 base 77 has loud rock (in xinjiekou), some mellow acoustic style bars would be Behind the wall, Tony's bar, nail bar (south of the sheraton) and Next to paradise bar.

There are also clubs to participate, Hash harriers (running and drinking beer club), Ulitmate frisbee and poker.

if you need more info send me line. [email protected]

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21 RMB. I also got a chocolate brownie for 20 rmb


No need to spend that type of money on food in Nanjing - unless you truly must eat western food! XinjieKou is the area to go if you do want western fast food - however you will find KFC and McD everywhere.

do you have any reccommendations of local eateries or shopping places that the local frequent?

As Guanfei said - it's China - there is Chinese food everywhere. Nanjing University (and Nanjing Normal) are surrounded by cheap Chinese food places where the locals do indeed eat.


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