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Also, if someone just wants general conversation, I found it helpful to meet with them ahead of time to assess their level and clearly outline their goals. Some people had few goals, or, honestly, they were either too timid or their English was not good enough to express these goals clearly. In those cases, we would pick subjects for discussion and I would look for articles, websites, online videos, prepare vocabulary lists ETC and then we'd go from there. I also found most people really liked it when I gave them a mini-assignment each week that was more interactive (describe a website, some photographs you took, a movie you like, etc, using some of the vocabulary we went through). But start small, because many people have never had this kind of experience in school and they may be nervous or stress out otherwise (it still surprises me how many schools rely 100% of memorization and textbook teaching, blech). Nevertheless, once I got most people going they loved telling me all about a movie they saw or a basketball game they attended, or whatever.

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If not, I was actually thinking of possibly doing some academic proof reading (note - not copy editing!) and get paid by the hour too....as I have editing and proof reading experience anyway.

Slightly off topic. Does anyone know how to say and distinguish between "proof reading" and "copy editing" in Mandarin Chinese. Last year I was offered proof reading work that quickly turned into copy editing. Some of it would have actually been better termed "rewrite." (Lots of work instead of only a little.)

It was a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated. “修改一下” was our agreement term. Probably a bit too broad. I've read 校对 for proof-read, as well as 审校 and 检较。I've found 编辑 for edit, but have never heard any of these words used. What do people really say?

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Hi does anyone know FOR SURE if it is legal or illegal to tutor English for like 2 hours a week on an F student visa? I am on a government scholarship and wouldn't want to be doing anything illegal! Thanks.

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