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stroke order for traditional characters


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Go to the bottom and pick stroke order as the new search, and then just look up what you want to see the stroke order for. If it doesn't haven't it as a whole (ex- 開門), you can look up each one separately, in the word decomposition block.

Idk if that is what you are looking for. It seems like it would take a long time to go 1 by 1 this way, i bet someone knows a better way.

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Yes some are different (or you can say that they are interchangeable).

裏 and 裡 are actually the same to me. They are formed by putting together 衣 and 里. The only difference is the position of 里. The same applies to 羣 and 群, 略 and 畧, 啟 and 啓, 峰 and 峯.

And the use of 著 vs 着 are not the same. In Taiwan 着 is not used. In HK, the usage of 著 and 着 is different.

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I don't know which are more traditional, but I think you should (if you don't already) know that there are many ways to write the same character. You might wish to take a look at the 異體字字典 of the Taiwan Ministry of Education. Some variants are obviously obsolete while some are still very much in use.

As far as I know 着 and 著 are different (but usually interchangeable). But I was educated in Hong Kong so my understanding might be different from other people's.

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Hi. Late reply but...

First read this. Then, here are my recommendations in order of preference.

1. Learn the traditional stroke order for 楷書. For 楷書, I want to emphasize.

2. (This is definitely not something I would normally recommend so only do this if you have to or something) Japanese standard stroke order. They screw up the least of all the standards.

3. Taiwan standard stroke order. They screw up the next least.

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