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University of New England (Australia) distance education

wai ming

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So I was excited to find out that the University of New England offers a full major in Chinese externally (by distance education) when I stumbled across their website yesterday.

Although its Chinese offering isn't as extensive as those of some other Australian institutions, it looks like there will be enough to keep me occupied with some sort of certificate/diploma even if I started somewhere around the intermediate mark. The main advantage is, of course, the ability to study part time online while balancing work and other things. And there is an exam centre in my city, which is convenient ;)

So has anyone studied with them by distance education, for Chinese or any other language (or anything else, even)? It seems that they offer distance education for all of their languages, and if I had the time and money, I would seriously consider doing a full degree so I could add in another language (maybe Indonesian). :)

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Hi Wai Ming

I am currently studying the Chinese course by distance through UNE. I started it while I was living in China. The course materials to supplement the NCPR series 1-3 are quiet comprehensive. There are podcasts of lessons to accompany each week, as well as a well set up online blackboard/discussion forum. Some people in my class are studying as undergrads, some as postgrads, some are mixing on-campus classes. There are intensive weekends each semster in Sydney but as I overseas still I've never been. Those that have gone have said they've been useful too.

The big thing, which I think is with all distance ed, is you have to remain self disciplined as you are essentially studying alone.

What I like about it is that it keeps me focused with assessment tasks, and an exam each semester so I know I have to keep going, even when I am tired!

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know about.



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Hi hongputaojiu

Thanks for your reply! It sounds like they're well set-up to deliver the courses online ^_^

What I am wondering about is the level of engagement, given that studying online is quite different from being physically present in a classroom. Have you found the staff supportive - do they respond well to email or questions posted on the online forums? Do students actively participate on the forums?

Also, do you get much feedback on assignments/assessments (apart from marks)?


wai ming

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Hello everyone,

I know this might seem like a crazy question, but I am having some difficulties finding on the UNE website the fee's and tution's for an international student. May I ask a little help froms someone that is currently working on the program or has an idea? When I contacted them, they send me here: http://www.une.edu.au/for/current-students/costs/csp.php#item1

And I just wanted to confirm that has a foreigner, you are able to work on the BA.

Thank a lot!

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