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I will be traveling to Nanjing for the 2010 (Sept) - 2011 (July) school year.

I'm wondering what my clothing options will be while there - will I be able to find things in my size (see below) in particular winter clothing (I don't have anything to suit the Nanjing winter climate)?

I have traveled to China, an I'm aware Shanghai and (quiet possibly) Beijing would not pose problems, but am unsure about Nanjing - as traveling the 2 hoursish trip to Shanghai doesn't appeal to me (it does for sight seeing - but I can do that when I have time, clothing is a different matter).

I will have to get back with sizing, but this should help to start:

Male, 180cm (5' 11")

100ish Kg (220 lbs)

My immediate need is winter options.

My other concern is cost - Will it be cheaper in China (Nanjing), I am aware most things are - but I don't want to assume (and I'm not a shopper so I never looked while there).

I'm in Australia - I have no pricing details as I have not looked as yet - if somebody else knows prices for good winter coats, jackets etc in AUD please let me know.

Thanks in advance


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I went to a place called "Girl Street" I tink i'm not sure but the name was something like this, I went there because I needed new pants and t-shirts. There are not only female clothes but also alot of male clothes. Finding the right size jeans, shoes and accessories is not a problem but I had a VERY hard time finding a t-shirt, polo or sweater. They were ALL too small for me. Shanghai is better for a foreigner to buy clothes.

Afterall I did find some clothes that were alright but only for a few weeks, after washing the shirts they just didn't fit on my body anymore.

You are a big man and you will have a HARD time finding the right clothes.

I'm sure there are places in Nanjing where you can buy large size clothes.

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Thanks for you reply.

I have heard female clothing is a harder task (I had a friend living in Macau who confirmed this first hand, all the western women who were bigger then the standard Chinese sizes had to look in Hong Kong or look online, yet her husband (by no means a small person) had no issue at all), however you have kind of confirmed my suspicions.

I'm more concerned about my height then my 'size', I certainly saw Chinese men that easily out 'girth' me! I did see Chinese men of my height but it was rare.

Anyone else got any information?


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You will be able to find clothes that fit you in the more upscale clothing shops. You'll have to look for it. I'm sure you can find clothes your size in a "Guess" shop. That's a clothing brand and has a branch in Nanjing.

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Upscale, meaning less 'cheap' right?

Sounding like the extra expense here, will be worth it for the extra trouble on arrival (in the case of items I 100% need - like winter clothing).


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